Wholesale Ordering

Hi everyone!

This page is for details and the ordering of Wholesale product. It is easy to qualify. First I ask for a business license to share as proof that you are in business, a practitioner's license, medical degree, or something similar, etc. The discounts are intended to be offered to those whom wish to pass on the benefits and support of Orange Sun Labs products to their customers, clients, patients, etc.

Second I require the upfront purchase of 12 items in every calendar year that you desire wholesale pricing. Note: a twin pack of Soul Color Chi Repair® is counted as one purchase/item. You will then enjoy a major discount of 50% off within that entire calendar year with no further minimums! Just please call ahead, details below. Note: at this massive discount, shipping costs can not be included in the price, and are calculated after shipping your order.

The process goes like this: Send in your proof of business etc. as stated above. You may mail it to: Orange Sun Labs - PO Box 71 - Lake Oswego, Or, 97034

Or you may scan and email it to orangeray21@gmail.com

Next, decide what you wish to order, make your list for the first time requirement of any 12 items you are interested in for yourself, clients, retail store, etc.

Contact me with your desired list @ mobile number 503-754-3446 or above email. I will notify you with the total, minus the shipping rate, and enter this on the wholesale product checkout page for you to please pay in advance so I may purchase the supplies needed for your custom order. After your order is produced, packed and shipped, I'll again notify you with the shipping rate and enter it on the wholesale product page for you to complete final payment. Please note shipping costs are the rates I pay and are passed directly to you from the carrier, usually the Post Office.

Simply go to the image below when indicated, it will take you to a product page customized for you with the correct rate. Then simply make your purchase with any major credit card, and you will then typically receive your order within 2 weeks. I will try to get it to you in about a week, but I like to have a little wiggle room, as each order is made by scratch just for you. This ensures the longest possible shelf life of each spray and the plant oils/flower waters that are used. For the most potent effects, it is recommended to use the Chi Repair® sprays within 3 months, though they will work beyond, some, a year plus. Note that over 3 months, the sprays oils/flower waters may soften some in intensity depending on the type used.

So, when all is set just click "shop" below! Enjoy your wholesale order and your bright Aura! :)

May the Chi flow freely!