Wholesale for Healers, Wholesale Distributors, and Retail Drop-Shippers

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Welcome to the Orange Sun Labs family!

We look forward to a healthy and prosperous relationship with you.

Please see our 3 programs below to find the one that applies to your needs, and note that any or all programs can be combined for increased earnings potential. For instance, you could offer a healing service such as massage, you could use the Earth Disk™ grounding device to stay grounded during your sessions, and give your client increased healing energy and more effective massage with Chi Repair® too! That client can buy retail Chi Repair® sprays you purchased at wholesale to take home with them. Meanwhile, you have an Orange Sun Labs sales portal, where friends and clients can order products and you will receive a commission for each sale. You can have your own private-label Orange Sun labs sprays on this website, and even have exclusive sprays that only your sales portal offers. Lastly, you could mention these products to the businesses you work with or even have an employee contact businesses periodically and sign up new accounts as a wholesale distributor.

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Wholesalers program:

There is a double benefit for your business if you are a healer, and this is the perfect program for you! Our therapeutic products enhance your customers well-being. Being able to calm and refresh your client, remove residual energies that slow healing processes, and uplift their energies bodes well for your healing efforts. This alone can increase the success of your service. Secondly, the financial support you receive by offering at-home support by giving your clients the options to purchase and bring these healing tools home is a win-win. Uplift the entire Aura of your office with Orange Sun Labs Chi enhancing products.

It is easy to qualify. First I ask for a business license to share as proof that you are in business, a practitioner's license, medical degree, or something similar, etc. The discounts are intended to be offered to those whom wish to pass on the benefits and support of Orange Sun Labs products to their customers, clients, patients, etc.

Second there is a minimum purchase of 3 units.  A 10 pack of sprays is a unit, a single Earth Disk is a unit, simply put any item you can add to the shopping cart is one unit (except single packs which are available only on our home site and are not included in this program).  For every order you wish to place.   You will then enjoy a major discount of 50%!  Note: at this massive discount, shipping costs can not be included in the price.  See below for all wholesale ordering instructions, once you are set up, its simply a matter of placing an order from our secure encrypted website any time you wish.

Take a photo with any smart phone or tablet and send your qualification(s) via email it to mcgovers@gmail.com (email us if you need help)

Next, log in and register with Orange Sun Labs.  Once you are approved you will be added to our wholesale account status.  Your account user name will be added to our "Wholesalers" group ensuring your discount during anytime you wish to place an order.

Next, decide what you wish to order, and add at least 3 qualifying units to the basket.  Next go to the wholesale products area.  Here you can choose additional testers or brochures if you like at the wholesale rate.  You can also check out the shipping box sizes to get an idea of shipping costs for your size of package.  Friendly reminder, shipping is not included with wholesale orders.  Shipping boxes are now automatically estimated for you upon checkout. If you accidentally paid for too large of a box we will refund you as soon as possible. If you paid too little for shipping, for example chose a box that is too small, we will ship it in the correct box size and add the remaining invoice for you to pay as soon as possible in the wholesale invoice product page, please look for this product image (golden being in silent meditation) in our online store:  

If you have any urgent questions it is best to text us to our mobile number 503-754-3446  After your order is made, packed and shipped out, you will be notified that it is on its way! Please note shipping/insurance costs are the rates I pay and are passed directly to you from the carrier.  Please note: We always aim to ship within two business weeks or faster depending on our work load.  Every order is crafted by hand for you!

New!  Add-on Private label program!

This is an extension of the wholesaler program (see above) designed for healers, doctors, therapists, etc.  

This new program requires a minimum of 3 units (not including single packs which are only available on our homesite) for each order. Although since these are specifically designed for you and your business, these are non-returnable/non-refundable. You will again receive 50% off of your products as a wholesaler as well as ongoing support as/if needed. There are two options in this program. You may ask to simply have an existing formula made with your input of ideas to create a label that suits you and your company, or for the second option you may opt to have a completely new and unique formula as well as label made just for you.  The second option is called an "exclusive".  You will be the only one with your unique formula, this will give you an advantage in the marketplace and you will be offering a product not available with Orange Sun Labs or its website. An initial private label design consultation fee (equal to the current 90-minute charge for any Orange Sun Labs remote therapy, currently @ $90 through 2020) which is required to help us brainstorm, and create your label idea together. We suggest making a treasure map before the meeting. This is a poster board, you can buy in any craft section of a department store, on which you post photos cut out from magazines, newspapers, or photos you find online, print, and cut out. Tape all of the photos to the board that you find touch your heart and align with your vision, and this will be our starting point. Then we will work together to create a beautiful design and we may check in with you along the way if more collaboration is needed. There is a second consultation fee if you wish to have an exclusive gem formula, which is the same as the first charge ($90). Note: we currently only offer exclusive gem formulas as unscented sprays.  Alternatively you could opt for an exclusive scent for the same fee.  (if you choose an exclusive scented formula, we will make a scent that is pleasant, just for you and your clients, though we will use the gem technology we currently worked years to discover) The second fee is applied towards research, any new gemstones if required, and work into creating your unique exclusive formula.  Whether you choose just private labeling or with the exclusive formula, this program has one more additional requirement.  We want you to succeed, and through my years of doing our free product demos, and knowing what transforms our clients energy swiftly and successfully, and results in sales.  The additional requirement is the purchase of a (wholesale pricing) Earth Disk™ and a Lemurian Quartz Crystal (we can help you select a great one).  We will give you a quick and clear training on how to give your retail customers a great experience, and have them hungry for more!  This will result in a rich healing experience for you and your customers.  

Please note:  Due to Orange Sun Labs exacting standards of excellence, we cannot always guarantee will be able to make a spray based on our healing requirements and your gem or oils of choice based on the material available at the time of order.  We do not offer refunds, as the materials and work will already have been completed, though as a courtesy, we will offer you a free healing session of your choice if this by chance happens ($90 value).  So, if you enjoy our healing sessions, or have wanted to try one, there is no risk to you.  We could then try to discover another new formula ($90 fee) or stay with the the basic private label program.

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Wholesale Distributor program:

Wholesale Distributors help Orange Sun Labs find new wholesale buyers, and in exchange there are several benefits including being able to setup large business accounts and building (mostly) passive residual income, being able to purchase products at wholesale for personal use, and being a fun, rewarding, and healing experience!

Wholesale Distributors are able to offer Orange Sun Labs products to any businesses (small, medium and giant) at wholesale rates.  These outlets can potentially make a lot of sales individually and collectively! The commission is $1 per bottle ($10 per 10 pack) (we currently have single packs but these are for online customers so you can disregard for this program).  I suggest making your first 'financial foundation goal' (f.f.g) of 100 stores, super markets, beauty shops, massage parlors, healing centers, acupuncturists, mall stores, etc. With a good amount of outlets like this, there is a very good chance one could live off the income indefinitely.  Example:  100 locations ordering an average of 3 x packs (10 one ounce sprays per pack) per month, your earnings for this amount of estimated activity would be $3,000/month.  The great thing is, the sky is the limit, you could have a 1000 locations across the USA, from the above example, this would bring in $30,000/month!  All travel and dining are considered tax write-offs if it is required for your business. If you like to talk to customers on the phone and get out of the house and travel, meet people, and you love Orange Sun Labs products, this is a fantastic opportunity for you!

Here is how to the newly formed program works.  If you or a friend know of any retail locations that would love Chi Repair® or other Orange Sun Labs products, simply point them to your very own Orange Sun Labs wholesale portal website.  Additionally, if you would like to make your own wholesale purchase of Chi Repair® sprays for personal use, samples etc. a full 50% off (plus shipping) for sharing your love of these products with others (3 unit minimum, a 10 pack is one unit).  See wholesaler information at the beginning of this page for the same instructions as this program regarding how to place your wholesale order.  You will have a full year to sign up just one location, if you can accomplish this, thereafter for the rest of the same calendar year, you can continue getting 50% off any personal orders you desire. To keep the 50% off program going you must sign up at least one wholesale/retail location per calendar year. Once again, a personal purchase is not required, even if you simply show new people Orange Sun Labs and they get involved as a wholesaler, you will receive the same benefits/residual income for your efforts! We pay out $1 per bottle or $10 per 10 pack which is one unit, for every unit, for the rest of your life! This is non-transferable and dependent of Orange Sun Labs still being open for business ( We are setting the intention for Orange Sun Labs to be open and serving for hundreds of years!).  The only ongoing responsibility for a distributor is to provide their locations with a dependable email and phone number as an additional contact point for questions and the occasional customers service as required (typically once the client understands the product, they will simply re-order with very little if any customer service required).  It will take some dedicated focus to build your locations, though the effort could replace your need to work a 9-5 and you could retire in style and peace of mind, while enjoying the great gift knowing you are uplifting so many searching for the love, well being, and joy our products are known for.

Check our our Testimonials page!

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Retail Drop-Ship program:

The newest and easiest way to partner with Orange Sun Labs, help your customers, and earn an ongoing residual income.  

We order the supplies, hand craft your customer's orders, and ship them out.  (Please note:  drop shipping is for retail customers only, to sign up wholesale for businesses, please see the wholesale distributor program.)  You can feel good knowing your making the world a better place! We pay out $1 per item (a 10 pack of sprays is 10 items so a $10 commission, and a dedicated sales portal pays $20 (double)! A dedicated retail sales portal with only our products sets up the billing and customer address directly to us for ease of use for both of us. We track your sales and pay you monthly, see next paragraph for more details. Note: single packs will continue to be listed only on our home site, so you can disregard for this program.

New:  Orange Sun Labs is now offering a dedicated sales portal website designed specifically for our products ($7/month to keep active, ask about special discounts). We design the basic template for you for free!  Then if you like, we can fine tune it into a theme that fits you. For the same rate as our healing services ($90 for 90 minutes) we will work along with you to create a website you will love to show your customers.  Orange Sun Labs often offers gifts or bonuses with our customer's orders, and if you like, you can choose your own unique service or bonus add-on to interest customers returning again and again. There is some creative freedom with your sales portal, and you can help select and approve the design.  You can also select your own healing themed domain name (web address) that fits you and your personality. If you like we are happy to also help you get started with a free website you can fine tune and design to your liking as an informational site and to test interest, and then just call us to upgrade to an e-commerce enabled site any time to start receiving commissions!

   Once your customer has placed an order through your website portal the order is automatically received and paid to us. We track the sale and take it from there!  You can sit back and relax.  Our orders are hand crafted for each shipment and can take up to two business weeks although we often ship much faster.   Each month we will look at each of our Drop Ship clients account (You) and tally up the orders.  You can do very well if you can show people the benefits and issues our products can solve for them.  As an example, lets say you've built up to 50 customers who conservatively order on average a single 10 pack of Chi Repair® sprays every 3 months.  @ a $2 commission for each item, our 10 packs of Chi Repair® sprays pay out $20 each to you!  Multiply this times 50 and that is $1000 every three months into your account!  Now, let's imagine you have a solid customer base of just 20 clients in each state of the USA (1000 clients total).  The same amount of order volume would produce $20,000 every 90 days.  We wish to reward our sales team for helping to educate and entertain their customers with great service and for helping to enable Orange Sun Labs to share these gifts far and wide!  You may be a very small business or a very large one, though with good customer service and marketing skills, as well as a professional looking site/page, your orders will surely grow.  One tip is to update your customers via your own newsletter on any new testimonials, personal experiences, or even knowledge you gather from us through our website/newsletter that you may use to educate and inspire your customers.  (please do not copy and paste our newsletter, though you may rewrite our words into your own for your publications, flyers, etc. standard copy rights apply).   New customers will come, and many will return to you again and again for the healing they need and for the love you share.

Please schedule a free consultation with us to see if any of these options are right for you.  For best results try to combine all three programs, especially if you are a healer, for thousands of dollars earnings potential!  Orange Sun Labs products are  very healing, and so are healthy earnings!  In this world, both health and wealth are desired to maximize our giving ability to self and to as many others as is possible in one's lifetime.


Before clicking the button below to begin consultation conference call below please use these guidelines to complete a successful connection:

  • Desktop or laptop: Recent Chrome and Firefox on Windows, macOS and Linux. Safari 11 and above on macOS.
  • Android phones and tablets: Chrome and Firefox for Android, as well as other Chrome-like browsers.
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Safari (iOS 11 and above only)


Thank you for your interest and service to the world.  

In light and love

Mark Govers

Healer, Inventor, Founder

Orange Sun Labs

May your Chi flow freely!