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Wholesale and Distributors

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Wholesale information:

If you are interested in a Wholesale account please read the following information at your leisure:

This page is for details and the ordering of Wholesale product. It is easy to qualify. First I ask for a business license to share as proof that you are in business, a practitioner's license, medical degree, or something similar, etc. The discounts are intended to be offered to those whom wish to pass on the benefits and support of Orange Sun Labs products to their customers, clients, patients, etc.

Second I require the upfront purchase of 12 items in every calendar year that you desire wholesale pricing. Note: an order of any Chi Repair® Twin Pack is counted as one purchase/item. You will then enjoy a major discount of 50% off within that entire calendar year with no further minimums! Just please call ahead, details below. Note: at this massive discount, shipping costs can not be included in the price, and are calculated for you.

The process goes like this: Send in your proof of business etc. as stated above. You may mail it to: Orange Sun Labs - PO Box 71 - Lake Oswego, Or, 97034

Or you may scan and email it to

Next, decide what you wish to order, make your list for the first time requirement of any 12 items you are interested in for yourself, clients, retail store, etc.

Contact me with your desired list either through the contact link, @ mobile number 503-754-3446, or above email. I will notify you with the total with the added shipping rate and I will enter this total on the wholesale product page (see our online store, look for the golden being in meditation product image) for you to please pay in advance so I may purchase the supplies needed for your custom order. After your order is produced, packed and shipped you will be notified that it is on its way! Please note shipping/insurance costs are the rates I pay and are passed directly to you from the carrier.  I typically use the USPS (post office) priority shipping service.

To summarize, after notified go to the wholesale product in the online store and the correct total will be there (if not please contact). Then simply make your purchase with any major credit card, and you will then typically receive your order within 2 business weeks. I will try to get it to you in about a week, but I like to have a little wiggle room, as each order is made by scratch just for you. This ensures the longest possible shelf life of each spray and the plant oils/flower waters that are used.

 Enjoy your wholesale order and all the bright and healthy Auras :)

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Distributorship information:

New Distributor program!  I've offered wholesale to retailers/therapist for quite a while now.  What I did not have in place was a distributor program.

Her is how to the newly formed program works.  If you or a friend know of any retail locations that would love Chi Repair® or other Orange Sun Labs products, simply point them to our website.  Additionally, if you would like you may purchase your sprays etc. a full 50% off (plus shipping) for sharing your love of these products with others (12 unit minimum, a twin pack is one unit)  You will have a full year to sign up just one location, if you can accomplish this, thereafter for the rest of the year, you can continue getting 50% off with no further minimums required.  To keep the 50% off program going you must sign up at least one wholesale retail location per year.  Though again, even if you simply point them to the website and they get involved as a wholesaler, you will receive the same benefits for your efforts!  I pay out one dollar for each unit for the rest of your life!  This is non-transferable and dependent of Orange Sun Labs still being open for business ( I am setting the intention for Orange Sun Labs to be serving for hundreds of years!).  This is a great way to earn a residual income that can last for many, many years.  Our first distributor, Brenn Simonen, has earned over $50 so far, on her first location in less than three weeks!  Even just one location can add up over the years.  Imagine if you have a few hundred locations/therapist/spas/salons etc.  I'll leave that up to your imagination ;)  The only ongoing responsibility for a distributor is to provide their location with a dependable email or phone number as an additional contact point for questions and as a back up to Orange Sun Labs customer service in case of high volume, vacations, etc.  Some locations also may prefer working directly with their distributor based on the relationships you have formed.  It will take a little time and effort to build a list of locations, though the effort could replace your need to work a 9-5 and you could retire in style and peace of mind, while enjoying the great gift, knowing you are uplifting so many Souls searching for love, peace, and joy.

Mark Govers

Orange Sun Labs

May the Chi flow freely!