• (Star Traveler Chi Repair) makes me feel incredibly clear, strong, "ready to go",  awake, confident and relaxed at the same time - it helps me to breathe  more deeply and puts a smile on my face. It clears my energy field and  connects me to the earth.

  • Hi Mark!  You don’t know me but I am a mental health provider in Beaverton.  I was recently attracted to your chi repair essences and used them with a client for the first time today.  I used the red one when they were having a moment of derealization and that, alone with some energy work, brought them back quickly.  Thank you for making them!--

  • I brought Chi Repair to my Naturopath doctor today and she tested how  good it is for me on her quantum biofeedback machine. The machine stated  it is 'excellent'! Super cool! Really excited about this!

  • I feel similar to walking out of acupuncture, such a lovely feeling. What a pleasure to feel so peaceful within. Thank you for sharing your  gift.

  • Hi Mark,

    I got a new job as a security patrol. I work downtown in Chinatown and throughout downtown patrolling till 11pm. I look like a cop... it’s potentially dangerous. I am unarmed. Just an eyes and ears for the police. I am doing it to see if I can go into law enforcement in a year or so. Mainly I enforce city codes for homeless sleeping against buildings until 9pm so I am working with difficult people and getting the evil eye often. I am really REALLY feeling the fine effects of using Sage (Smudge) chi repair when I go to my locker and spray it all over me. It’s uplifting and I feel a sense of protection and a clearing. I need to buy more soon. You do a great job with your product. Keep it up.

  • Energizing and grounding - Will Return - Thank you for sharing!!

  • Light sensation, makes you want to spin around and float up to the sky. Thank you!

  • Wind began blowing in my face, hair was moving, with no wind blowing."(She used Earth Disk™ plus Super Indigo Chi Repair®)