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CHI REPAIR® - Recycle Service



If your spray is one that came with a gemstone inside, it can be recycled and you can receive a very nice discount on your next order! Get any Twin Pack Gem spray CHI REPAIR® for only $21 with free shipping back to you for recycling your gemstones! (Note: only the Patented Gem sprays that contain Gemstones inside can be refilled and renewed). You can not tell the difference between a new CHI REPAIR® and a renewed one as everything is new except the gem which is sterilized, and put through our proprietary six step energizing process.

Simply mail in your empty CHI REPAIR® with gem inside, or just put the gem in a padded envelope (do not use an ordinary envelope as these will not make it through the post office machines) and mail in.  Please write "Fragile' on package. Please include your phone number, address, and/or email address (or optionally bring to participating Oregon stores). After I receive I will contact you to confirm your order. Also see FAQ for additional details. You may want to save up your gems until it makes sense to send them in considering the shipping costs, free return shipping included.

Mail Gems to:
Orange Sun Labs PO Box 71 Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Call if you need assistance 503-754-3446

Please recycle your gemstones in CHI REPAIR®. The Earth took thousands of years to make them. Lets re-use them. If you take advantage of my renewal service you will get a brand new bottle of CHI REPAIR® using your gems for the low flat rate of $21. It doesn't matter which CHI REPAIR® you purchased the cost is the same for all renewals. You may choose a new scent if you'd like, it just takes a little longer in my process of removing the previous scent. Some of the following instructions are in the FAQ, but repeated here for your convenience. Please make sure the bottle is fully empty except the gems which should be safely on the dip tube. If not please slide them back on and screw on the cap before sending in, OR optionally wash them in warm water and dish soap (not hot), dry and wrap them individually in bubble wrap and put them in a padded envelope to avoid cracking during shipment. Please enclose your full name and phone number and email address. Please purchase one renewal for each set of gemstones you would like to have renewed into a new CHI REPAIR®. I will contact you when I have received and confirm which CHI REPAIR® you would like. Your gems will go through my energizing and sterilization process and added to my proprietary liquid catalyst, the whole process takes up to 48 hours. Please allow a full week for processing, if I get backlogged. Your new bottle will have new sprayer, new bottle, new label, new 6 step color catalyst, new seal with your newly sterilized and energized gemstones. Let's help the Earth by preserving her limited resources and leaving enough Gemstones so that everyone can enjoy CHI REPAIR®!

Thank you, Mark Govers Inventor CHI REPAIR® President ORANGE SUN LABS

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Earth Disk™ - Original



Earth Disk™ is a powerful tool for renewal and survival. Use it to empower your shield by joining the Earth's massive electromagnetic field. The moment you make contact with the Earth this way, either by barefoot on soil or a grounding device such as Earth Disk™ your field instantly strengthens.

I powerful tool for meditation. Try alternating feet on and off every few minutes. Watch as your body adjusts to the energy of Earth, your meditations intensify with focus, and your sleep at night deepens.

Step on the Earth Disk™ as desired while working at your computer to bolster your shield against your electronic devices, and stay alert for a longer period of time. ( I recommend alternating stepping on and off Earth Disk™ while working for an invigorating effect.)

If you have Chi Repair® and Earth Disk™ you are in for a treat! These tools are complementary and work together perfectly to restore your energy and drain of excess unwanted energies and is a valuable therapy before sleep or after any stressful period. Like times of old when we walked the lands barefoot. Make our precious Earth your ally once again. Enjoy!
Made with Copper, Silver, and Gold, EARTH DISK™ is a super grounding device designed to connect the human body to the frequencies of Earth conveniently while indoors. Simply follow the simple instructions detailed on this page and stand on EARTH DISK™ barefoot, with socks, or conductive shoes. "Earthing" is a movement gaining momentum and has many benefits. (in the photos note the thermal image found on the web from a random clinical trial showing much greater inflammation on the left and much less on the right after "Earthing"). The Earth being the largest source of free electrons, is a natural anti-oxidant. Some reported benefits are reduced inflammation, restful sleep, calmness, grounding, and much more. I designed EARTH DISK™ to be the best home conductor to our Mother Earth. Earthing is in my opinion, is actually critical for well being. Of course walking on the Earth barefoot is great, though most of us don't get around to doing that enough and we all spend time in front of computers and other electronic devices. Connecting to the Earth while indoors can be a real lifesaver, as your field is much stronger when blended with Earth's protective shield. It's difficult to be able to dump excess voltages we don't need without touching the Earth. Also, The Earth is a living being, and she talks to us when we touch her. The energies from the Sun also come through her, and we are given instruction from these divine beings energetically how to proceed for our well being and spiritual development. It varies of course person to person how much grounding is needed. These days, I find that in front of the PC I alternate, sometimes grounding sometimes not. I also love to give myself a CHI REPAIR® treatment while grounding which is very synergistic, as its much easier to clear the field with the spray while the field is grounded. With its pleasant sphere shape and beautiful luster to its naturally anti-bacterial Copper surface, EARTH DISK™ high quality materials will ensure safe and thorough grounding for years. (Note: Copper's color will slowly change to what is called a 'Patina', turning either a lovely chocolate color, or if used outdoors, a lovely green. Each one will be unique). The plug has a genuine Gold surface for great conductivity and adjustable for the small differences in grounding ports (just screw the end of the Gold banana plug to widen the tip or loosen slightly to shrink it back to normal size depending on the firmness of your connection. The plug is soldered to the wire with genuine Silver. EARTH DISK™ is designed with the highest quality materials: Copper, Silver, and Gold. These materials are highly conductive and effective. Copper is also safe as it is used in hospitals to stop the spread of disease with its natural anti-microbial surface. Included in your kit is a receptacle tester. Please always have an adult test the outlet before safely plugging EARTH DISK™ to the grounding port of any 3 prong outlet. Used in conjunction with CHI REPAIR® you have a brand new extra rejuvenating experience awaiting you. As CHI REPAIR® brings Sun energy to you through gemstone energies, EARTH DISK™ brings Earth energies to you. These tools used together can completely change your frequency and feeling about your world in just a few minutes. This is a way to connect Heaven and Earth through technology! EARTH DISK™ proven grounding technology will calm you and help to drain away excess artificial and excess energies from your body. Enabling deeper sleep, and a more balanced body chemistry. There are books on Earthing online for those wishing to dive deep into this subject.

Details and instructions:

Make sure the outlet is really grounded, use the included receptacle tester before connection. Directions on the plug. Then if everything looks good attach EARTH DISK™ to the grounding hole of any outlet. The plug is adjustable for the small differences in grounding ports (just tighten or loosen the end of the Gold banana plug to widen or shrink the tip to obtain a good connection). There is 12+ feet of high quality Copper wire for ease of placement. The Copper plate is doubled, yet somewhat soft (Copper is a soft metal) and will mold to the shape of your feet somewhat to your body weight as you use it. This in no way effects its efficiency and makes it more comfortable to stand on. The edges have been cut with a special tool to eliminate any sharp edge, but please still be careful and use close adult supervision for children. Only an adult should plug EARTH DISK™ into the correct receptacle of an outlet. If unfamiliar, the "mouth" is the safe port, the two eyes are the dangerous ports. If unsure ask your electrician. With a properly wired receptacle, the grounding port is absolutely safe, and not connected to any power. The grounding port of a correctly wired outlet is simply connected to a "ground" wire running to a pipe that is buried several feet into the Earth. In some cases an outlet may exist with grounding type outlets but the grounding part is not attached behind the plate. This may not be obvious until tested. Simply ground any time you are needing to calm and clear. I like to use with CHI REPAIR® daily and have had some incredible experiences with this. I am feeling stronger, hardier, happier, calmer, and more. Especially before bed, it has profoundly affected my sleep and dream worlds. I also ground when I am working on my computer, I find I can focus much better. It is not necessary to use constantly, you may just "dump" the excess energies and voltage your body is carrying as needed by pausing for a couple of minutes on the disk throughout your day. I suggest doing a CHI REPAIR® at least once per day while on the disk for full benefits. Notes: Use barefoot, in socks, or with conductive shoes. Do not use more than one disk at a time. You may also put the disk at the foot of your bed to enjoy Earthing while sleeping, but please note that Copper is a lively energy, and you may not wish to do this every night depending on how Copper affects you, it works for some, not for others.
You may also wish to put a disk on your office chair, which will work just fine, though I personally prefer to just put a foot or two on it while I work at the computer. I do not recommend using EARTH DISK™ above the belly button, as I find the lower two Chakras work best with the grounding nature of the metals. Gems are better for the higher more sensitive Chakras. Another reason why the combination of CHI REPAIR® and EARTH DISK™ work so well together as all the Chakras are getting what they need simultaneously. Enjoy your EARTH DISK™ I would love any feedback you may have.

Excellent link for further research/studies on Earthing via the National Center of Biotechnology:

Best, Mark Govers Founder of Orange Sun Labs

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Your Custom Wholesale order



Hi there! Make sure this is your order, if you haven't already, please contact Orange Sun Labs before purchasing to make sure you are qualified and your order is confirmed, or it may not ship. Thank you for understanding. I appreciate you taking responsibility for your own and supporting others health by offering these cutting edge Aura/Chi tools.

Mark Govers - Founder - Orange Sun Labs

*            *            *

If you are interested in a Wholesale account please read the following information at your leisure: 

This page is for details and the ordering of Wholesale product.  It is easy to qualify.  First I ask for a business license to share as proof that you are in business, a practitioner's license, medical degree, or something similar, etc.  The discounts are intended to be offered to those whom wish to pass on the benefits and support of Orange Sun Labs products to their customers, clients, patients, etc.

 Second I require the upfront purchase of 12 items in every calendar year that you desire wholesale pricing.  Note:  a order of any Chi Repair® Twin Pack is counted as one purchase/item.  You will then enjoy a major discount of 50% off within that entire calendar year with no further minimums!  Just please call ahead, details below.  Note: at this massive discount, shipping costs can not be included in the price, and are calculated for you.

The process goes like this:  Send in your proof of business etc. as stated above.  You may mail it to:  Orange Sun Labs - PO Box 71 - Lake Oswego, Or, 97034 

Or you may scan and email it to 

Next, decide what you wish to order, make your list for the first time requirement of any 12 items you are interested in for yourself, clients, retail store, etc. 

Contact me with your desired list either through the contact link, @ mobile number 503-754-3446, or above email.  I will notify you with the total with the added shipping rate and I will enter this total on this wholesale product checkout page for you to please pay in advance so I may purchase the supplies needed for your custom order.  After your order is produced, packed and shipped you will be notified that it is on its way!  Please note shipping costs are the rates I pay and are passed directly to you from the carrier, usually the Post Office Priority Flat Rate. 

  To summarize, after notified come back to this page and the correct total will be there (if not please contact).  Then simply make your purchase with any major credit card, and you will then typically receive your order within 2 weeks.  I will try to get it to you in about a week, but I like to have a little wiggle room, as each order is made by scratch just for you.  This ensures the longest possible shelf life of each spray and the plant oils/flower waters that are used. 

So, when all is set just click "shop" below!  Enjoy your wholesale order and your bright Aura! :) 

May the Chi flow freely!

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Kitty Chi Repair® Twin Pack



Paws asking, "why do you get all the fun and good feeling Chi Repair®?"

You: not anymore Paws, now I have one for you too! Kitty Chi Repair® will calm, uplift, rejuvenate, and balance. How does that sound? It contains a real therapeutic Dark Green Aventurine gemstone sphere you can see inside the bottle!

Paws: could you please stop talking and spray me already:)

You: Okay Paws, I'm covering your eyes, now I'm misting your body from head to tail. Okay, good, let's relax now together for about a minute. Ahhh, that smells good!

Paws: Ooooh, I'm feeling more relaxed, thank you Daddy (love, kisses)

You: Hey everyone, my Kitty is really happy, if you want a calmer, happier cat, try this! You will get a two pack, each 2 oz bottle has approximately 400 sprays! With a therapeutic Pine Sea plant oil blend.

Check out the studies of Pine Sea therapeutic oil and the benefits for your pets and you! :

 Amazing benefits for Dogs and Cats! 

Pine Sea medical study (Pinus Pinaster)

If you live in the USA, I'll throw in free shipping:)




Special instructions suggested for Air Travel:  Simply ask for your Chi Repair® sprays to be hand inspected.  This is a common request and should be granted without any fuss and typically just takes a few moments longer.  If they do happen to go through the X-ray machine, it is possible that the frequencies of the sprays could be altered.

If this happens, try resting the bottle directly on soil outdoors for 15 minutes, if the disturbance was minimal, the erouneous energies may correct themselves with somewhat brief exposure to the Earth and Sun.  Please contact if you have more questions or see the FAQ section.


Standard FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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Earth Disk™ - Deluxe



The Deluxe model has all the same benefits of the Orignal except I will hand etch your disk with the Tube Torus design shown in the picture and send out to you!  See all the etching details below.

 Now, also comes with a Sunstone Cabochon with extra special benefits!

The Sunstone piece may be placed on the center of the Disk while in use for increased Chi Circulation and a joyous feeling.  Without the Sunstone, the energy is more calming.  So you can choose your day to day needs.  Also, if the Sunstone is left on the Disk, the Earth energy will project into your living space through the Sunstone!  This has a wonderful healing benefit of circulating joyous Chi thoughout your home.  Enjoy!

How this etched design came about:

I am a practical person. All of my work is designed to create real results you can feel. It had been suggested by some that I add a design to my products. I have been interested in Sacred Geometry yet didn't know how to apply it. I decided I would not add a design unless I felt it made an important difference. One day, I began to look through designs and asked if I could be shown and feel how these designs might affect me or others. After looking through several, I found the Tube Torus. This design was different than the rest. I immediately felt a shift, almost like time was suspended or slowed. Similar to when one is daydreaming. I thought it was a coincidence. Yet I continue to feel this sensation, some times just lightly, when I view this design. A soft inner voice explained that the design that I viewed (on Wikipedia) could be improved for this specific purpose. I looked for hours another day for an improved Tube Torus. One day, I found it! The design you see here is from a picture of a crop circle I found. A feeling clicked inside of me, and I knew it was right. This design takes over an hour to hand etch into the copper. I print out a special decal, apply it to the disk and etch the design into it. Then I remove the decal and clean off the copper dust and glue residue. The Tube Torus is a two dimensional drawing of a three dimensional shape. It is the shape of the energy field around the Human body and the same shape that is around the Earth. The large circle is the entire field. The 12 smaller circles represent the flowing of the outer energies into the center vortex, represented by the center circle. Then the energy moves from the bottom of the center out through the top of the center and back out to the surrounding field once again. This movement continually rotates in this manner. My inner guides have told me that this design focuses the mental body directly into this phenomena. It thereby has the potential of pulling us more completely into the healing experience.

The Original Earth Disk™ works just fine without the etching, the design simply adds an additional enhancement to the experience. Enjoy!

Best, Mark Govers Founder of Orange Sun Labs

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Castle Clearing™ services 30 minute remote session



Hi, I'm Mark Govers, founder and inventor of Orange Sun Labs. Whether you rent or own, are a real estate agent or investor, sometimes clearing your space is vital. Emotions, thoughts, old building materials, conflicts, and other challenging events, may leave behind residues, entities, and 'power cords'. The ancient native tradition of smudging is one way to tackle this. Another option is my smoke free Smudge Chi Repair® made with Certified Organic White Sage and Certified Organic Sugar Alcohol, specifically designed to scrub your spaces clean, continuing even after application. Though sometimes, you may need even deeper work. If this is the case, you may try my Castle Clearing™ service. I'm skilled in this, and the distance to your location is of no consequence, for in the spirit realm there is no time or space. I will need pictures of all the rooms you wish to work with. I recommend having a bottle of the aforementioned Chi Repair® for best results. Together we work remotely to help solve your space's issues. In most cases we can improve the entire building/space within a half hour, though some will vary depending how much work is involved. This energy and focus intensive work is $60/hr though I round to the nearest minute so you only get charged for the time worked. Please contact me before buying the Castle Clearing™ service, after the work is completed I will adjust the product's price to whatever your situation had required before you purchase. For now, simply order the Smudge Chi Repair®, any Chi Repair® will help, but the Smudge is specifically designed for spaces. Then send in the pictures to and call me after you have the spray at 503-754-3446. We will set a time and get ready for a fresher home or space!

P.S. I always work as quickly as possible, though I have to let spirit guide the way. Please indicate your time constraints in the beginning, and I will do what I'm able within that time period. To give you a general time estimate, in my experience so far, a condominium might take 30 minutes plus, a multi-level home an hour plus. Thank you-

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Hologram Gem™ Therapy 30 minute remote session



"All time and space are in this moment!"

Hologram Gem Therapy can be self performed or by someone who is a able to be a clear channel. I have been self applying this therapy and I'm loving the results. I am happy to offer this new technology to you!  Based on the principle that the universe is a hologram (true indeed), I will assess your needs through your photo and uplift, renew, and support your well being. I look forward to working with you.

What is Hologram Gem Therapy™?  It is remote Gem therapy based on the principle that the universe is a hologram.  There are many scientist working to prove or disprove this theory.  Meanwhile many healers around the world are essentially engaging this natural physics through remote healing.  In hologram technology, I anchor in your energy into the therapy using a large head to toe photo for a full body therapy - Note: please email a high resolution photo prior to treatment which I will print out and put into a plastic cover to be able to identify and target areas, organs, skin, joints, aura, etc. that are being called for treatment   I treat this image as though I am there in front of you treating your whole being.  Through the image I am able to easily and accurately access your strengths and weakness, and help you to find balance, renew, and reset your energies.  The picture is a window to you, based on the holographic universe and is a very real principle where the whole exists in all points in space on the Quantum level.  I am using this therapy on myself everyday and I love the extra support! 

In the above image, I have special wood spacers that hold the spherical therapeutic gemstones.  I can slide these around the laminated picture until I feel it 'click'.  Here I am using Carnelian, Rhodonite, Aventurine, and Blue Lace Agate (this one is just out of the picture about two feet above my head).  I have the Aventurine (which are fantastic large amazing quality spheres of about 14mm each) over my shoulders, solar plexus, heart, and liver.  The Rhodonite is providing stabilization and protection in my emotional field.  The Carnelian, (of which I have great harmony), is providing overall energetic field support.  Finally the Blue Lace Agate stands watch over my crown Chakra, providing support, strength, protection, and awareness!  I can feel this arrangement working on my being as I write this, it so fascinating to see this work, even though miracles are pretty much an everyday affair around here these days.  Even if I stand several feet across the room, or walk outside I can still feel it.  Well wonder some indigenous people don't want their picture taken, they know it was Quantumly entangled with their body!  Though they probably don't use these semantics. 

  If you have your pictures all around the web, and with many different people, you may find refuge and support applying Hologram Gem Therapy™, either by yourself, or someone who is a clear intuitive channel. 

I have boxes of high quality gems that I can custom pick from for your therapy should you so choose.  I also have my line of 18+ Chi Repair® sprays, and herbs to further super enhance your treatment.  Feel free to call to get an idea of what this treatment can do for you and your situation.  I'm happy to do short consultations of a few minutes.  I will make sure you get a thorough treatment and will do what I can to attend to your needs.

Some questions and answers for Hologram Gem Therapy: 

What are the benefits of distance Holographic therapy? 

Answer: The benefits are working directly with your energy bodies, which indirectly benefit the body as well, as the body is housed within several layers of energy of various densities to protect and serve various functions while living on Earth.  For instance the emotional layer allows us to express deep feelings which can then be felt and expressed by the body.  For those who are not sensitive to the finer energies, the treatment may not be obvious, yet the benefits will show themselves in the days and even weeks following the treatment.  There are many factors that determine what your results may be, depending on your sensitivity and the severity of any imbalances.  The more off balance, the more noticeable the effects may be as one moves back into balance.  Returning to balance may show up in several ways, some of these may be, calmer, improved sleep, less reactive to situations, able to see alternate points of view which were unnoticed prior, increased stamina,  confidence, better dream recall, and much more. 

How long does it take to experience the benefits of distance holographic therapy? 

Answer:  This one was partially answered in the last question.  In more detail, those sensitive to energy fields will feel this work immediately as this work is done on the Quantum level where time and space do not exist and in fact is the reason this therapy and all remote healings work at all.  The treatment is gentle, supportive, soothing and interesting.  I recommend entering a state of light meditation, in a relaxed position, where you will be undisturbed, for the duration of the session.  I further recommend calling on your Guardian Angel who represents your highest good to support you during your session, whether you believe in these invisible helpers or not, it simultaneously sends a strong message to the subconscious mind that you are open and ready for a healing.  Besides the assistance from any inner guides, this is important to remove any unnecessary blocks keeping you from your desire. 

For how long do the benefits gained from distance Holographic therapy last before they wear off or disappear? 

Answer:  In this world, continual maintenance is required to stay in a tuned and balanced state.  Depending on the condition of your physical body and your energetic bodies, the endurance of your heightened state of balance will vary.  However, this treatment is also a teaching tool, and as your body learns to recognize these specialized states of being, it will learn to spend longer and longer times there.  Eventually learning how to achieve these states with no outside influences.  In fact, I believe this is our ultimate goal and destination.  With practice, we can create any frequency our body requires, but that is another tale for another time:) 

Please let me know anytime if you have more questions or are ready to try this wonderful treatment.  Just a reminder my schedule is quite packed, so please provide some notice and I'll do my best to work with your needs. 

Thank you, Mark Govers
Orange Sun Labs

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Quantum Translation™ Therapy 30 minute remote session



Hi, I am an Empath, and practicing Seer. I am largely self taught, though with continual input from guides, and have had some incredible awakenings and out of body experiences starting in my early twenties. I know first hand the real me is immortal, and essentially a viewpoint of awareness. I know that in order to be truly free, we must take great awareness and responsibility over our actions and energy. I use my inner vision to see your energy bodies and feeling to connect what is needed to the physical. I love to help clear the path for you, which is best done through the help of guides of the highest order. These angelic beings oversee the process and give instruction. These sessions I offer are a bridge to your next step on your eternal journey. Please see below for more of what I do in your session. I would love to work with you!

I would like to welcome you to my Quantum Translation™ sessions. During these, I am in what I call intentional silence (different than being simply quiet, this is when I commit as a spiritual being, and relinquish my social "on call" status for a given period). While I listen to and comment (by writing or hand signals) in response to what my client is saying or feeling. I've found this to be very transformative for the client and I. It is called Quantum because it is beyond the mind. I can't even completely hold it in my mind or explain it, but I know it is special. Entering the Quantum Field is like entering a dream, in which we know and experience many things, but quickly forget with our physical mind. I have changed my life with this technique of silence. I've found its beneficial done around other people even when I am not serving clients. This provides contrast. Silence versus speaking is largely a social issue. It is deeply woven into our culture. In many ways our social structure keeps us locked in regular day to day habits. We are constantly pushed and pulled about by media, friends, family, teachers, government, etc. Though this is just part of the adventure of living on Earth, silence is like a mini vacation for the Soul. It is also a way to get answers! As we silence our loud mind, and tune into our quiet mind, the truth becomes clear. Like the waves stilling on a pond and we can then see the colorful fish swimming below. Another way of describing this is when we immerse ourselves deeply into the Quantum world, we become something wild, raw, natural, wise, and uncommon. It is this I wish to "bridge" to you and offer in my service to humanity. I am wanting to bring these insights to you, in a way that will benefit us both. I have found it does work quite well for working through challenges and building visions and dreams. Give it a try, lets go beyond the mind to a special place of peace you may have forgotten. Please bring a notepad and be ready to write down any issues as we go along you would like to work through or any solutions you wish to record. I've found writing them down first makes them clear and concrete, and then I bring my sculpting tools to see what work of art we may discover together!

Please see FAQ for more details and you may also enjoy reading my "silence" page as well as listen to some of my radio shows to learn more.

"Why are you so afraid of silence, silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void, a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear. A Great Silence overcomes me, and I wonder why I ever thought to use language."


Quantum Translation™ sessions FAQ:

Q: What occurs during a session?
A: I will communicate with hand signals as needed, and I also have a digital writing board to write. You may ask whatever is on your mind or in your heart. I suggest speaking about whatever feels "stuck" or blocked and you are desiring to get that energy moving again. Or perhaps there is too large of a gap between your present and future you wish to close. I will do my best to tune in to my "center" and reply with useful information. This is one of the benefits of silence. I also pay attention to any help I might get from my guide(s) to pass on as useful to you. My intuition sharpens, and it is much easier to get clarity on any subject for you.

Q: How do I prepare for a session?
A: I ask that you come showered and in fresh clothes and please no strong colognes/perfumes. I also ask that you arrive sober (preferably for at least the last 24 hrs). You may also want to write down concerns or questions ahead of time regarding anything that you put a lot of attention on so you will have them ready. But it is not necessary, if you bring along a notepad or paper we can use it as we go. We can go over anything you feel is challenging. Silence will lead me to the Quantum field and to clarity for you.

Q: What do treatments cost?
A: Sessions are $60 per hour(choose one or two hours). Please cash only or prepay online. Please call 503•754•3446 to reserve your time. Leave your name and phone number and I will return your call ASAP. Skype or FaceTime are best for appointments, but I can also take clients, depending on space available, at New Renaissance Books Event Center in Portland Oregon. (various payments types accepted at bookstore).

Q: What will silence really do for me?
A: Clarity, on any issue. Some may also notice a feeling of infinity, hope, and joy. Before we learned human language, we spent a lot of time watching our parents in silence. We can still live without words if we choose, in fact we can thrive. Words are the chosen tool by our societies, not necessarily always the best tool. Language helps as much as it limits. Its a tool that is leaned upon heavily in these modern times. As we spend more time with ourselves in silence it becomes obvious eventually that our true nature is more quantum than linear in nature. Our ideas much of the time come in different sized puzzle pieces and from different directions and at different times. It is mixed with feelings from the cosmos all around us and the infinite creation. Getting back to our simple nature, we learn about our innate gifts and rediscover the magic of creation and life. Silence is one of the ways to learn to "know thyself". In silence we learn the hidden quantum language. Many at this period of history believe they are unhappy, but it is really just a desire to get back to the raw wild self. This self knows peace, and how to get it. It is good to take a break from our society occasionally , either through meditation, music, silence, camping, or something that gets us back to the elemental self. Our true self is inherently good, does good, feels good. As I build a bridge for you from the quantum reality to the linear reality, you may notice a familiar peaceful feeling which leads to greater knowledge of yourself.

Q: Where can I learn more?
A: I learned about silence through a teaching called Eckankar, as well as some books written by Carlos Castaneda and several other teachings. I have practiced it for many years off and on, and have experienced much. I have also learned that there is always another step to take. There are several silent retreats you can find Online. And of course there are the monasteries and eastern temples where mystics and monks take vows of silence, sometimes for many years. In fact it is said Pythagoras had a mystery school where students were taught the secrets of creation but were only admitted after spending a required prerequisite five years in silence!

Q: When can I make my appointment?
A: I will help you set up the remote session. Just call or email, there is a contact window on the home page of My phone number is also listed on under the contact tab. Depending on availability, I can do the session at New Renaissance Books in Portland Oregon.
Thank you, Mark Charles Govers. Mobile: 503•754•3446.

Testimonial: "I am still feeling the impact of our session (over a week later). It feels like the gunk has been cleaned off of some of the cords, making them easier to change the underlying dynamic. Also, it's been easier for me to make decisions and act from the energy of my "future self". I feel more solid, whole. Thank you again." -Vanessa

The guides of the highest order and I look forward to assisting you. - Mark Charles Govers

hidden field



Red*associated with love and clear emotion* and the Root Chakra.

Note: The red color line is scented energetically with Ruby. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant red.

Note: The Diamond essence sprays are recommended to be used at least 10 minutes apart from the Gem Sphere sprays.

Lighten your load, spray away the day, feel a renewed excitement and love for life! The red frequency will help you find your passion and warmth deep in your soul. Awaken and release this deep love in a gentle and balanced way. Red Soul CHI REPAIR® is excellent for meditation and self awareness.



Special instructions suggested for Air Travel:  Simply ask for your Chi Repair® sprays to be hand inspected.  This is a common request and should be granted without any fuss and typically just takes a few moments longer.  If they do happen to go through the X-ray machine, it is possible that the frequencies of the sprays could be altered.

If this happens, try resting the bottle directly on soil outdoors for 15 minutes, if the disturbance was minimal, the erouneous energies may correct themselves with somewhat brief exposure to the Earth and Sun.  Please contact if you have more questions or see the FAQ section.

Standard FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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