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CHI REPAIR® - Recycle Service



If your spray is one that came with a gemstone inside, it can be recycled and you can receive a very nice discount on your next order! Get any Twin Pack Gem spray CHI REPAIR® for only $21 with free shipping back to you for recycling your gemstones! (Note: only the Patented Gem sprays that contain Gemstones inside can be refilled and renewed). You can not tell the difference between a new CHI REPAIR® and a renewed one as everything is new except the gem which is sterilized, and put through our proprietary six step energizing process.

Simply mail in your empty CHI REPAIR® with gem inside, or just put the gem in a padded envelope (do not use an ordinary envelope as these will not make it through the post office machines) and mail in.  Please write "Fragile' on package. Please include your phone number, address, and/or email address (or optionally bring to participating Oregon stores). After I receive I will contact you to confirm your order. Also see FAQ for additional details. You may want to save up your gems until it makes sense to send them in considering the shipping costs, free return shipping included.

Mail Gems to:
Orange Sun Labs PO Box 71 Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Call if you need assistance 503-754-3446

Please recycle your gemstones in CHI REPAIR®. The Earth took thousands of years to make them. Lets re-use them. If you take advantage of my renewal service you will get a brand new bottle of CHI REPAIR® using your gems for the low flat rate of $21. It doesn't matter which CHI REPAIR® you purchased the cost is the same for all renewals. You may choose a new scent if you'd like, it just takes a little longer in my process of removing the previous scent. Some of the following instructions are in the FAQ, but repeated here for your convenience. Please make sure the bottle is fully empty except the gems which should be safely on the dip tube. If not please slide them back on and screw on the cap before sending in, OR optionally wash them in warm water and dish soap (not hot), dry and wrap them individually in bubble wrap and put them in a padded envelope to avoid cracking during shipment. Please enclose your full name and phone number and email address. Please purchase one renewal for each set of gemstones you would like to have renewed into a new CHI REPAIR®. I will contact you when I have received and confirm which CHI REPAIR® you would like. Your gems will go through my energizing and sterilization process and added to my proprietary liquid catalyst, the whole process takes up to 48 hours. Please allow a full week for processing, if I get backlogged. Your new bottle will have new sprayer, new bottle, new label, new 6 step color catalyst, new seal with your newly sterilized and energized gemstones. Let's help the Earth by preserving her limited resources and leaving enough Gemstones so that everyone can enjoy CHI REPAIR®!

Thank you, Mark Govers Inventor CHI REPAIR® President ORANGE SUN LABS

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