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"Silence  is a passageway between worlds. When our mind stays silent, incredible  aspects of our being emerge. Starting from that moment, a person becomes  a vehicle of intent, and all his (or her) acts begin to ooze power"

-Carlos Castaneda

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Wonderful Music used in the Radio Show with permission by God's Vibes performed by Sean Blake and Deirdre Ni Chuanachain God's Vibes

Also,  a special thanks to Fred Soll and his divine completely natural incense  that assists all of us to relax while recording thereby more easily  accessing higher states of consciousness. It is all hand made, dipped in  beautiful resins, tree pitch and herbs. Fred Soll's Incense

NEW! "Meet the Unknown" Radio show series!

The   primary cast includes founder of Orange Sun Labs, Mark Govers, with   John Gladen, Supriya Moffitt, and guests. This unique, exciting, and   cutting edge show will employ Silent Meditation to promote its   beneficial practice to all while sharing new insights every episode.   John and Supriya are the talking hosts, while Mark relaxes in a light   silent trance meditation. While in this special state he travels the   universes in search of knowledge relevant to questions posed and   spontaneous wisdom realized as the show moves along. He relays these  via  keyboard which John transmits to the audience with a bit of  intonation  for clarity.

I hope this show encourages you to try  the  great adventure of periods of dedicated silence (more than simply  not  talking) The rewards are revealed as one takes this dedicated "Soul   Vacation" and lets go of everything and everyone in society allowing   oneself to plunge into this magical space of clarity and intuition.   Deeper and deeper states are possible, as there seems to be no end to   the exploration and discoveries. It is my hope that the transmission  and  energy from this show is carried through to you, the listener, to   provide a beneficial experience that may touch you in a fresh new way.   If you would like to explore silence on your own, a great resource is   the Vipassana 10 day retreats at centers worldwide for free:

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LIQUID SUN By Sean Blake, Artistic Director Mark Govers

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