Our House Flipper™


I'm Mark Govers.  Our House Flipper™ team are trained by the best and we are ready to bring our experience and skills to you.

We are interested in meeting you and listening to your property needs!

After our successful transaction we do everything we can to improve your property and find the right buyer asap.

Our team inspects, provides estimates, does prefab work, and much more to bring your property to market.

We know your time is so precious, so let us get you a fair quote as soon as possible!

Our team is ready and standing by with solid financial backing to support our transaction.

We take care in considering your needs.

We promise to respect you and your time.

Sincerely, Mark

Our House Flipper™, Owner CEO

Text or Call 503-754-3446

A rehab by our team in Atlanta of a home
featured on the TV show House Hunters

A house purchased by our team
before the rehab process

The same house as above after
 major rehab process

My house flipper teachers Chris and Judy Cooper

A rehab in process by a team student

I'm checking out a property