My Catering Driver™



I'm Mark Govers owner and operator.
Serving Tualatin, Tigard and Lake Oswego areas.
I've been delivering food for over 12 years with Delivered Dish, now owned by Grubhub. I was once honored for being the top driver of the month out of over 100 locations nationally. I love this work and the people, and I've decided to specialize in larger catering orders with special benefits and top shelf service for you!

We do 24 hour advance ordering only (previous day) to ensure we are organized and get you the food hot and on time. We specialize in larger catering orders and for your convenience a search widget for each city we operate in is located on this page. If you live elsewhere, or are ordering less than $75 food you might try our recommended backup option

Our hours of operation are currently 9:30 am - 9:30 pm Tuesday- Fridays. 

Our rates: 0-$99 food value = $20 delivery charge

                $100-$199 food value = $25 delivery charge

                $200-$299 food value = $50 delivery charge

                $300-$399 food value = $75 delivery charge

                $400-$499 food value = $100 delivery charge

Explanation: Pricing includes everything (gratuities/delivery fees/convenience fees.) In particular, our deliveries of over $100 in food value are the lowest prices and will save you money! Your cost is determined by the value of food we have to pack and transport. We also offer extras like sparkling mineral water, place settings, and catering utensils, just add them to your shopping cart with your order. Check now to see if your time slot is available today! We are here to offer you the best priced - full service - catering delivery!  


1) Pick any restaurant! in Tualatin, Tigard or Lake Oswego, these are the areas we pickup and deliver in at this time.
(If they can fulfill your order, we can deliver it)
2) No food markups!
(You purchase directly from the restaurant and save)
3) Hot food!
(We focus on one order per hour, you are our priority)
4) Best prices in town!
(Our low overhead, means more money in your pocket)
5) Coming soon, Platinum Featured Restaurants!  
(You can choose from these popular restaurants and besides great food, receive a nice discount on your catering order!)
6) Coming soon, Catering Extras! We plan on offering place setting packs, catering packs, and sparkling mineral water to add to your order for your convenience.



Lake Oswego


A) Search for your restaurant of choice in the Platinum Featured list (20% discount) or in one of the three restaurant city search widgets above. We only deliver from/to these three cities at this time, Tualatin, Tigard, and Lake Oswego. As long as the delivery location is in one of these cities you may order from any restaurant in any of these locations.

Note: We deliver once per hour on the half hour every hour from 9:30am to 9:30pm Tuesdays through Fridays (13 times slots per day to choose from). Please order by 11:59 pm the previous day of your order.

B) Call your chosen restaurant while keeping these instructions open and make sure they will have the food ready 45 minutes before your desired delivery time slot and let them know that My Catering Driver™ will be there to pick up the food for you (Mark Govers, I can show ID if requested). Make sure you order the day before delivery, as our system is setup up for advanced orders only.

Note:  We need to allow 15 minutes to pick up and pack the food well for travel, and 20 minutes average for driving time. This leaves an extra 10 minutes just in case, (slow traffic, highway accidents, road construction, etc.).  This adds up to the 45 minutes needed which explains our restaurant arrival time.

C) Share with the restaurant what you would like delivered and get a total food cost estimate. Always order family style when possible (food pans) as these travel better for catering orders and stay hot longer. We seal all juicy pan orders in bags for your convenience, warmer food temperatures, and office cleanliness!

Note: We base your delivery charge on the restaurant food total, if they are a Platinum featured restaurant make sure and ask them for your discount! You may use your discounted total when you indicate the food value when you place your time slot order (how we base our delivery charge). (If the order is larger than $499 please text us for help, 503-754-3446, we prefer text so we can keep moving and get everyone's order on time.)

D) Order your time slot/food order size below while you have them on the phone if they can wait, if not go ahead and order it, then call them back. Once you click the book a time slot now button below, you will be taken to the store to purchase your time slot and activate your order: