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Hologram Gem Therapy™

"All time and space are in this moment!"


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What is Hologram Gem Therapy™? It is remote Gem therapy based on the principle that the universe is a hologram. There are many scientist working to prove or disprove this theory. Meanwhile many healers around the world are essentially engaging this natural physics through remote healing. In hologram technology, I anchor in your energy into the therapy using a large head to toe photo for a full body therapy - Note: please send in a high resolution photo prior to treatment which I will print out onto photo paper to be able to identify and target areas, organs, skin, joints, aura, etc. that are being called for treatment - I can magnify the image to the appropriate size for the treatment, though the larger you can send the better (up to 8 1/2 x 11 inches or the size of a sheet of paper). I treat this image as though I am there in front of you treating your whole being. Through the image I am able to easily and accurately access your strengths and weakness, and help you to find balance, renew, and reset your energies. The picture is a window to you, based on the holographic universe and is a very real principle where the whole exists in all points in space on the Quantum level. I am using this therapy on myself everyday and I love the extra support!

In the above image, I have special wood spacers that hold the spherical therapeutic gemstones. I can slide these around the laminated picture until I feel it 'click'. Here I am using Carnelian, Rhodonite, Aventurine, and Blue Lace Agate (this one is just out of the picture about two feet above my head). I have the Aventurine (which are fantastic large amazing quality spheres of about 14mm each) over my shoulders, solar plexus, heart, and liver. The Rhodonite is providing stabilization and protection in my emotional field. The Carnelian, (of which I have great harmony), is providing overall energetic field support. Finally the Blue Lace Agate stands watch over my crown Chakra, providing support, strength, protection, and awareness! I can feel this arrangement working on my being as I write this, it so fascinating to see this work, even though miracles are pretty much an everyday affair around here these days. Even if I stand several feet across the room, or walk outside I can still feel it. Well wonder some indigenous people don't want their picture taken, they know it was Quantumly entangled with their body! Though they probably don't use these semantics.

If you have your pictures all around the web, and with many different people, you may find refuge and support applying Hologram Gem Therapy™, either by yourself, or someone who is a clear intuitive channel.

I have boxes of high quality gems that I can custom pick from for your therapy should you so choose. I also have my line of 18+ Chi Repair® sprays, and herbs to further super enhance your treatment. Feel free to call to get an idea of what this treatment can do for you and your situation. I'm happy to do short consultations of a few minutes. I will make sure you get a thorough treatment and will do what I can to attend to your needs.

Some questions and answers for Hologram Gem Therapy:

What are the benefits of distance Holographic therapy?

Answer: The benefits are working directly with your energy bodies, which indirectly benefit the body as well, as the body is housed within several layers of energy of various densities to protect and serve various functions while living on Earth. For instance the emotional layer allows us to express deep feelings which can then be felt and expressed by the body. For those who are not sensitive to the finer energies, the treatment may not be obvious, yet the benefits will show themselves in the days and even weeks following the treatment. There are many factors that determine what your results may be, depending on your sensitivity and the severity of any imbalances. The more off balance, the more noticeable the effects may be as one moves back into balance. Returning to balance may show up in several ways, some of these may be, calmer, improved sleep, less reactive to situations, able to see alternate points of view which were unnoticed prior, increased stamina, confidence, better dream recall, and much more.

How long does it take to experience the benefits of distance holographic therapy?

Answer: This one was partially answered in the last question. In more detail, those sensitive to energy fields will feel this work immediately as this work is done on the Quantum level where time and space do not exist and in fact is the reason this therapy and all remote healings work at all. The treatment is gentle, supportive, soothing and interesting. I recommend entering a state of light meditation, in a relaxed position, where you will be undisturbed, for the duration of the session. I further recommend calling on your Guardian Angel who represents your highest good to support you during your session, whether you believe in these invisible helpers or not, it simultaneously sends a strong message to the subconscious mind that you are open and ready for a healing. Besides the assistance from any inner guides, this is important to remove any unnecessary blocks keeping you from your desire.

For how long do the benefits gained from distance Holographic therapy last before they wear off or disappear?

Answer: In this world, continual maintenance is required to stay in a tuned and balanced state. Depending on the condition of your physical body and your energetic bodies, the endurance of your heightened state of balance will vary. However, this treatment is also a teaching tool, and as your body learns to recognize these specialized states of being, it will learn to spend longer and longer times there. Eventually learning how to achieve these states with no outside influences. In fact, I believe this is our ultimate goal and destination. With practice, we can create any frequency our body requires, but that is another tale for another time:)

Please let me know anytime if you have more questions or are ready to try this wonderful treatment. Just a reminder my schedule is quite packed, so please provide some notice and I'll do my best to work with your needs.

Thank you, Mark Govers
Orange Sun Labs