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Oceanside, Oregon  

97134 USA 


  1. Company Background and Vision 


Orange Sun Labs, a legally registered business in the State of Oregon, United States, promotes well-being and growth through the study and promotion of silent meditation methods, inspired invention, human longevity and human potential.  We aim to uplift the frequency of all beings of the world through cutting edge tools and modalities.  


  1. Product Descriptions 


Orange Sun Labs currently offers several products, including a line of refreshing and relaxing Mineral, Gemstone, and Diamond therapy sprays called Chi Repair®, a soothing Copper and Gold Grounding therapy plate called Earth Disk™, and more!


  1. Services Descriptions 


Orange Sun Labs also offers several services, including Quantum Translation™, special silent meditation counselor sessions, Musical Frequency Diet™ consultations, a proprietary method to customize nutrition and life's choices to one’s uniqueness, Empathic Diamond Therapy™ where a special therapeutic Diamond is used to help repair and renew the natural energetic fabric of one’s being through natural Quantum energy fields and more!  Diamond therapy removes challenges and blocks from one’s life, bringing new health and clarity of instruction to the cells of the body.   And new for 2019*  24/7 Aura Support™.  We work with you on a Quantum level and check in daily to make adjustments as needed, for around the clock support!


Orange Sun Labs has three paths to promote our future goals: 

  • We aim to simplify the process of bringing new healing inventions to the world through a new streamlined system 

  • We plan to build a studio to launch a special show to record and publish the benefits of silent meditation 

  • We will expand the knowledge of human potential greatly by creating a one of a kind longevity space

  • 4. Our Customers


We have 2 commercial retail customers, and are working on plans to expand this year.  Our customers are New Renaissance Bookstore Portland Oregon and Intuitive Spiritual Center Fort Walton Beach Florida.  We also have several health/healing practitioners who have taken advantage of our wholesale rates to assist in their healing work.  Not only for their customers to experience cutting edge products, but also to enable themselves to perform their best.  All this while having the opportunity to receive supplemental income by offering Orange Sun Labs products to customers who would also like to take some home.

  1. New Business Ventures 


Orange Sun Labs is open to ongoing proposals that support our company and mission.  One such opportunity we are open to is to offer our consultancy service to the process in mining for minerals.  We are happy to help facilitate this process by working as a United States of America presence as we also are engaged in the use of minerals in the making of our products, and are exploring the properties and healing potentials of new minerals we may discover through this journey.   

  1. Orange Sun Labs Contractor Agreements 


While CEO Mark Govers will always continue to retain 100% ownership of Orange Sun Labs, from time to time we take on independent contractors to help us reach our goals.  It should be noted that said contractors are not agents of Orange Sun Labs.  Orange Sun Labs vision is an ongoing productive collaboration with many in the community, although we reserve the right to cancel any contract with any contractors at any time if deemed necessary per our ownership rights, ideals and/or goals.  Clause: as an independent worker the contractor(s) may enter into other agreements not in conflict.  No agreements (including this one) are final until confidentiality agreements are also signed by all involved parties. 

  1. Orange Sun Labs Financial Status 


We have a steady economic status.  With our modern and professional website with online store supported by our software team in Florida USA, our retail locations and practitioners, as well as our ongoing therapy sessions, we have a solid foundation upon which to grow.  We’ve recently announced additional methods for growth, our wholesale, distributor, and drop-ship programs to expand our offerings and sales.  We also have a hard-won USA Patent filed with the United States Patent office to protect our intellectual property US Patent # 8,919,612 

  1. Client Testimonials 




“I brought Chi Repair to my Naturopath doctor today and she tested how good it is for me on her quantum biofeedback machine. The machine stated it is 'excellent'! Super cool! Really excited about this!” 

Jillian from Florida 


“Hi Mark!  You don’t know me but I am a mental health provider in Beaverton (Oregon).  I was recently attracted to your chi repair essences and used them with a client for the first time today.  I used the red one when they were having a moment of derealization and that, alone with some energy work, brought them back quickly.  Thank you for making them!” 

Melinda N. 


“I feel similar to walking out of acupuncture, such a lovely feeling. What a pleasure to feel so peaceful within. Thank you for sharing your gift.” 



“Hi Mark, I got a new job as a security patrol. I work downtown in Chinatown and throughout downtown patrolling till 11pm. I look like a cop... it’s potentially dangerous. I am unarmed. Just an eyes and ears for the police. I am doing it to see if I can go into law enforcement in a year or so. Mainly I enforce city codes for homeless sleeping against buildings until 9pm so I am working with difficult people and getting the evil eye often. I am REALLY feeling the fine effects of using Sage (Smudge) chi repair when I go to my locker and spray it all over me. It’s uplifting and I feel a sense of protection and a clearing. I need to buy more soon. You do a great job with your product. Keep it up.” 

Nate L. 

  1. Final Thoughts 


It is only by following the power and love of God that we will succeed.  We give gratitude to the Father who is in Heaven and to our Mother Earth from whom we share all the love, wisdom and freedom to all of their children.