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What is CHI REPAIR®?

Chi Repair® Diamond sprays resonate with our natural electric field.  This enables them to interact and perform a variety of benefits.  The three main healing powers of these spray tools are cleansing, tuning, and charging.  Our field tends to accumulate various energies that can cause congestion and thereby affect our physical well-being.  Some of these energies are discordant fields, pollution of various types, and negative thoughts and emotions (from ourselves and/or others).  We live in a sea of energies, and especially living on Earth, it is normal to require some maintenance from time to time.  We intuitively sleep, shower, eat well, or seek love to balance.  These methods are as old as time, and they often take some time.  The great benefit of Chi Repair® is how speedily they do their job.  Simultaneously, these sprays hold very high healing frequencies.  Each bottle is like a beautiful musical composition.  Each spray will help to lead you back to balance.  Simply choose one that you are attracted to, or try reading the keywords on the bottle.

The body is like an instrument, every once in a while it gets out of tune.  Chi Repair® helps to bring us back into tune.  We still need to try and eat, sleep, and think well, however these tools can give us a powerful edge to perform our best and feel amazing!  The body is also like a battery, and occasionally, we get discharged.  Sometimes we give so much, and we need to receive back.  Chi Repair® brings a natural charge back into your electric field, and this helps us back to a state of balance and happiness.

So now you now have a new way to cleanse your electromagnetic fields! Little known by the majority of society, our fields protect us, give us hunches about environments and people, enable us to communicate with earth and animals, and unfortunately - get dirty and bogged down. We do a pretty good job with showering, sunning, laying on the Earth etc. Though certain gem minerals have not only the ability to cleanse our Electric field, they can charge and tune it too! Specially formulated Chi Repair® does just that, lifting your spirit and well being to a place that is truly unique and special. Uplifts in a blink of an eye, it's a spectacular sensation. Do you ever feel like you have been discharged by the stress and concerns of the day? Chi Repair® with its light charge is a unique and specialized tool for peak health. Our magnetic field does literally hold a charge. Yet, it can get polluted with energies over our time on Earth that simply don't serve us. Now with Chi Repair®, you can quickly recharge your field with beautiful life force. Chi Repair® is a cutting edge spray in glass bottles that is made with Gem and Diamond energies that clear, balance, and charge the subtle energy fields that lay just around the body, also known as the Chi energy or Aura.  Chi Repair® erases stress (it's very good at this!), uplifts and calms, freshens provides a general improved clarity, protection from lower frequencies (as your frequency rises you are less susceptible to these lower ranges, it is as though your life is now playing on a more beautiful radio station), promoting more fluid movement of bodies energies, preparation for deeper meditations, better resilience in sports, stimulates and moves energies in massage, teaches energy field awareness, meditation and more! The effects are very tangible (magic fairy dust is real!), see the  Testimonials for page what it might be like to try Chi Repair® for yourself! Once you experience a charged field and are able to maintain it, you will find yourself in a brighter world of new found freedom and joy.

Are CHI REPAIR® ingredients all natural?

Yes, this product only contains ultra-purified six step specially processed sacred water, natural gem, mineral, diamond energies, natural plant/flower oils/waters, and 12.5% pharmaceutical grade, hypoallergenic, certified organic sugar cane alcohol. This product contains no perfumes and is lightly scented.  Note:  about 50% of our sprays are scented versus unscented, please see go to our online store to read individual product descriptions.

How long does CHI REPAIR® last?

The one ounce bottles have approximately two hundred sprays each or 600 sprays in a three pack. As far as the product shelf life goes, I use 12.5% certified organic hypoallergenic sugar cane alcohol natural preservative. The expiration is at least one year. The sprays with plant/flower oils may gently fade over several months (best to use before one year) though this does not effect the charging, balancing, and clearing effects of Chi Repair®. I suggest keeping Chi Repair® cool 60-75 degrees, which is usually a typical climate controlled area for most buildings and cars. If you live in the tropics or desert with no climate control, try bringing it out of it's cool place in the morning or dusk. The other care besides temperature, would be to not leave under bright hot sunlight, next to electronics, magnets, or expose to x-rays. If you feel you have "messed" up the spray, try standing it in a potted plant directly on the soil from dusk to dawn outside. Then try it. It will probably be fine.  The glass bottle of the sprays are protective to a certain point.  Think of a wire that runs to your desk lamp, it has what's called an insulator which is the vinyl coating on the wire, the glass bottle of the spray is similar to the vinyl insulator as glass is an electrical insulator.  The spray inside is like the charged wire inside the lamp wire.  These sprays literally hold a charge!  However subtle they may be in comparison, it is because they are designed precisely for the human energy field.  

If you can not repair your spray after exposure to any of the things listed prior, contact me and we can brainstorm it together.  As far as how long will a bottle last you? I would say, that depends on your life. If you live close to nature and have an easy breezy life, you may just use it once per day as a spot or full treatment to simply raise your frequency, in this case it would last months. If you live in a crowded, polluted, stressful environment, you may do a full treatment and several spot treatments per day it could last just a few weeks. It will vary widely from person to person. There are many full treatments and hundreds of spot treatments in a bottle. Note: if you don't use Chi Repair® for several days or it is extreme hot weather I suggest spraying once to clear the line before applying treatments.  Chi Repair® works best when your skin is not too cold or hot.  When your skin is very warm it is already full of energy.  Chi Repair® brings life when you need it!

What may I expect from CHI REPAIR®?

With its refreshing charge, this product is designed to effect the electromagnetic and subtle system surrounding the body, called Chi, Life-Force, Aura, Spirit, or "The Force". This field is much more important than much of mainstream society currently acknowledges. When charged you will feel many benefits, some experienced by myself and other: lighter, sparkly, clear, energized, creative, fresh, alert, and renewed! This is a perfect compliment to anyone trying to clear the fog while studying, enhance focus while practicing any sport, creating a sacred space for meditation, to spark genius for creating music or painting, and self development. {A secret about Chi Repair® is that if you raise the frequency of your waking life, that you will find success in all ways comes easier. As above, so below. The secret is, you can work harder, or you can vibrate higher!} Most of my sprays contain the essence of Diamond.  We are carbon based just like a diamond, and a therapeutic diamond can bring you spectacular benefits.  Chi Repair® is designed to powerfully project its refreshing feeling into your energy field almost instantly. It is a brand new sensation I know you will love!

Where is the best place to use CHI REPAIR®?

Chi Repair® is best used indoors away from breezes and in climate controlled areas. See product page for flyer with text on treatment instructions for full treatments (recommended once per day) and spot treatments (as needed). If you live in the tropics or desert with no climate control, please store product in a cool place until the hot sun subsides. Note: Chi Repair® works better in temperatures under 75 degrees (for comfort, not too cold either). When the air is full of potent sun energy in a very warm building or car, Chi Repair® is less effective, though you may enjoy the moisture. If you are in a cool indoor climate even if it's 120 degrees outside, this wouldn't apply, and Chi Repair® will work great!

In a nutshell, how do I apply CHI REPAIR®?

Ground yourself if possible (check out our Earth Disk™ product) Shake gently to ensure even distribution of the contents and slightly activate the spray then: Step 1* Spray a light mist cloud above your head (8th Chakra) and let this gently rain down upon you. Step 2* Breath deep and slowly for up to 30 seconds. To clear further into the Auric field, also spray away from the body 3 feet or more or other Chakras as needed Step 3* When finished, let Chi Repair® complete its work by simply relaxing within this energy cocoon you've just created for another 30 seconds.  Chi Repair® works like a tuning fork.  When you surround yourself with this high frequency energy field (that your eyes cannot see) it takes just a few seconds for your body to 'catch up' to the vibrations and begin to resonate, that's it! You have just balanced, charged, tuned and brightened your energy field! You can always spot spray, or anywhere desired, throughout your day. Note: Using Earth Disk™ with any Chi Repair® will increase the power of your treatments many times using the Earth to amplify your session.

Can I smudge and clear rooms with CHI REPAIR®?

 You can clear energies with any Chi Repair® though Smudge - Chi Repair® with the clearing power of Organic White Sage is specifically designed for cleansing spaces although it may be used for personal use too. It's a nice alternative or addition to smudging and is smoke free (traditional smudging with Sage, Cedar, or Mugwort etc. may also be used in addition if needed to work on a different frequency range. I suggest leaving an hour or so for the air to clear between each kind of treatment). Try moving around your home in a counter clockwise motion starting from the center of a room spiraling out until you reach an exit and then move outside drawing any impurities back to earth to recycle. While spiraling pause to spray all corners carefully. Pause to spray any furniture you feel needs extra attention and give it a "full treatment" (make a cocoon around item). Organic objects have there own energies too. Also works great in the car, or on houseplants, pets, jewelry, crystals, etc. I suggest also asking for inner guidance, angels etc. for your particular environment. Try to see in your imagination or inner vision what the space needs. Optionally a quick Smudge instruction would be to spray each corner of a room and then end with a spray in the center of the space. (Note: For jewelry cleansing I love Star Traveler Chi Repair® or another unscented spray, though sometimes I do use the scented varieties as well. The light oils in the scented Chi Repair® can actually help draw out dirt off of items using a light scrub and a little gentle liquid soap with a toothbrush. If dirt isn't the main concern, I go for the Star Traveler Chi Repair® to target the energetics of Jewelry/crystals.) It's important to spray around the object you are treating, and work to loosen any clumped energies around the item. If the Chi Repair® isn't able to do all the work required on an item, it may have very intense psychic energies attached. In this case you may need to go another step. I suggest looking at my psychic self defense article in the blog section of Orange Sun Labs. It is mainly written for the human but the techniques can be used for objects. You can use the technique with Chi Repair® and you should have great results. Be sure and ask for the highest inner guidance during the process.

Why do we take a deep breath while applying CHI REPAIR®?

I always suggest spraying either the crown of the head or the heart area while breathing slow and deeply for as long as you are comfortably able during the spot treatment (where desired) or the full treatment (1-3 inch from entire surface of body). When we breathe we get not only oxygen but life force. This is Chi.  So the breath is really an important part of your treatment sessions. The deeper and slower your breath (comfortably) the better chance you have of stabilizing your energy into the higher frequency. For maximum benefit, breathe deep and charge all of your being, enjoy!

What is a Soul Color?

Light or color is a the main foundation of our world besides Sound. Colors profoundly affect all of us. Everyone typically resonates with one of the Soul Colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple or white) that gives strength during challenges, provides an edge throughout life, and/or teaches us lessons about ourselves. For example those who use blue to get through challenges have a brilliant mind, though they may get lost in their logic at times. Those who are tuned to red, have a deep passion and love for life, though they may get lost in their emotions at times. These are just a couple of examples. Having the color therapy sprays is a fantastic tool to support us with our color. If you aren't sure what is your Soul Color, it's okay. Just pick a color you are attracted to. That will be your perfect choice to start as you move through the lessons of that color. You will eventually realize which is yours, though it surely helps to ask spirit for a hint:) 

An exercise is listed further below if you would like to try and discover your Soul color through a special meditation created by Orange Sun Labs.

I've learned and experienced that we all have one of the colors of the rainbow, as our main spiritual food. This is the color we use to survive, it contains our greatest spiritual gifts, and also our greatest lessons. We use our color to help us get through challenges and adventures. I have found we may love all the colors just like a fruit salad, yet there is one "fruit" we probably keep going back for. In testing dozens of people over the years, I found that the body takes in all and needs all the colors to a point, and then it gets full or the body may visibly start to fidget. When I find the Soul Color of a person, everything smooths and steadies, and there is no end to the enjoyable healing sensation, the body just keeps absorbing and breathing it. (Note: you must have an open and clear feeling center to test other people's Soul Color. You may consult with me on this if you wish or just ask for a free technique to try on your own. Testing one's self is easier for most people.) The best descriptive word I can think of for this feeling is "home". Our Soul Color feels like home. Mine is orange. Now you know part of the reason why this company is named ORANGE SUN LABS. There are eight different colors to choose from: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, or white. A color therapy spray doesn't have to be your Soul Color, simply choose one that resonates with you now, that is all that matters. The Soul Color sprays are made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix, and are perfect for correcting and strengthening the Chakras. Each color is actually a combination of White and one of the eight colors. So the Red spray would have white plus red. I did this because this way you can use it to feed all of the Chakras and keep balance. In fact I encourage this technique: spray the bottle up and down your body a couple of times like you are zipping and unzipping a jacket. Then finish with your eyes closed and lightly mist your throat, forehead, and top of the head to finish. This amazing technique can be done anytime to build and energize you. An interesting fact is that all the Chakras actually need all of the colors, its just that it needs one color more than the others. White contains all of the colors, though we all have a Soul Color, and this need is emphasized and reflected in these new sprays. Enjoy!

Here is a spiritual meditation for you to try to help you find your color:  Best to try this when we are more open, and our mind is getting ready to shift brain states, this would be just before bed.  Get comfortable, take a deep breath.  Relax.  Sing a single vowel in a long drawn out breath or any mantra that feels good to you.  I like the HU mantra, there is a free app for this sound.  Next sing the mantra or vowel as a whisper.  Next sing it internally in your mind.  Now that you have settled down, and your mind is more quiet, let yourself see (if you can imagine this) or let yourself feel if its easier, 8 swimming pools all lined up, you can imagine this being on a beautiful tropical island or wherever you wish.  Imagine or feel that each pool is filled with a beautiful colored liquid.  The most mesmerizing, brilliant, and sparkly colors you have ever seen.  Each pool has just one of these colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, or white.  Now this liquid is special in the fact that it is completely nourishing and has almost magical qualities.  You can actually inhale this liquid, you can breathe it!  It is full of life giving oxygen and life force for the lungs.  It is also full of nutrients, so yes, you can drink it.  So, I want you to jump in and spend some time in each pool,  Go ahead and explore these wondrous pools.  What you will notice is that each pool, as explained previously on this page, will excite and stimulate you.  It will invigorate and nourish, yet in just a few moments, you will notice, you are ready to move to the next pool.  If it is not your Soul Color, you will only require certain amounts.  If you stay beyond that point, you will feel a shift, and your body may fidget.  So keep exploring.  With practice and focus, you will find the pool that stays the same always, this is your Soul Color!  A key aspect of visualization is to realize that you can bridge your heart and being with the spiritual worlds.  Keep this in mind as you are doing this exercise.  Allow your heart to measure what is going on while your body rests in meditation and your spirit is out exploring.  Keep as close to 100% focused if you can, yet take glances at your body now and then to look for any noticeable sensations.  If you don't find your Soul Color today, no worries, there is always another day.  I also recommend asking your Guardian Angels or Master of the highest integrity to help you in your quest.  Its good to have friends on the other side!  

Here are some keys for each of the colors:  (Thanks to the 'Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians' book for help on this subject)

  • Red people resonate with the root chakra, and the color red also oversees the muscle group. Red's love, loyalty, magnetism, and passion are great gifts. They are strong (with their muscle talents) and are equipped to fight and protect if called upon. The love of red's abundant heart sometimes misses other invisible influences as their challenge is to not get lost in emotions.
  • Orange people resonate with the sacral chakra and the color orange also oversees the endocrine group. Orange's vitality, love, creativity, and joy are great gifts An orange with their abundant creativity can go to extremes with their extra boost of energy. The love of an orange can sometimes not see they are moving out of balance, so their challenge is to learn how to balance the creative power.
  • Yellow people resonate with the solar chakra and the color yellow also oversees the bodies elimination organ group. Yellow's bright, powerful, natural leadership qualities, and spiritual insight are great. The gift of a yellow lies in their natural expression of abundant will-power and love for action. Yellow's can sometimes not see that they are becoming more engrossed in power rather than love, and this is yellow's challenge.
  • Green people resonate with the heart chakra and the color green also oversees the bodies brain and heart systems. Green's natural affinity with balance in all things allowing them to naturally attract the life force and share this abundant healing to gift to others is great. Green's main challenge is to not become too passive and to no longer desire to grow into more of God's possibilities becoming distracted by the balance they naturally possess in their bodies.
  • Blue people resonate with the throat chakra and the color blue also oversees the mind and the vascular system. Blue's vision, clarity and ability to process thought and communicate it through speech are great gifts. Blue's can sometimes not see they are becoming too enraptured in their own thoughts and may become lost in a maze of concepts, though they seldom complain they love the mind so much. This is blue's challenge.
  • Indigo people resonate with the brow chakra and the color indigo also oversees the skeletal system. As the saying goes "I can feel it in my bones". This is extraordinally accurate for an indigo, as their intuition, visionary ability, and uncanny knowing are great gifts. Indigo's are typically always active with the imagination and their challenge is to not become confused by the myriad impulses coming to them from the invisible and to learn how to process their intuition in an orderly manner in order to not risk becoming ungrounded and "dreamy". This is the challenge of the indigo.
  • Purple people resonate with the crown chakra and the color purple also oversees the nervous system. Purple people are natural leaders like the yellow yet in a different way. Yellow's lead by bright acts of spiritual will, purple's lead by way of imagination and wisdom (if each is doing their best). Of course any one may become a leader with practice. Purple's live in their imagination fully, and often succeed making the physical plane seemingly bend to their visions. They are the least linear of the colors and may be difficult for some to understand. The wisdom they have is easily accessible. Their challenge is to love themselves more than God, so they must keep their ego's in check or risk the chance of self-defeating action. As the source of all wisdom is the best guide for success.
  • White people resonate with all the chakras and body systems. The white people are rare indeed and are here to sort out the chakras and colors influences and once mastered, to lead the human race to God (all that is) in one form or another.  White's natural ability to access the divine, purity, and hidden knowledge are great gifts. White's challenge is to organize these gifts in a straight-forward way so as to be available to self and others.

Can you please share more details of the science of CHI REPAIR®?

Chi Repair® may seem like magic, yet I know someday it will be mainstream science.  Being an Empath, I can see that Chi Repair® with its refreshing charge and crystalline memory, works to restore and tune our bodies spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies that surround us. Basically the human body is a tuning fork that we control and tune by our thoughts, food, and environment.  An interesting point is that Quartz for example is known to be able to generate electricity under pressure (piezo-electric). We are electromagnetic beings, in fact our hearts generate a measurable magnetic pulse. See the  Heart Math Institute  and the neurons in our brains fire with tiny electrical currents.  According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, each of our bodies approximately 50 trillion cells carries a voltage of just .07 volts, however this equates to a total of approximately 3.5 trillion volts!  In fact, we could not think a single thought, or our hearts beat a single beat, without electrical power.  It is interesting that we use the word "feel", it is very close to the word "field", as in electrical field.  Perhaps what you are feeling when you walk into a room full of human beings is electrical!  Think about it, everyone radiates energy!   There are more subtle fields that are beyond the electromagnetic spectrum with finer qualities and complexities we are just beginning to understand. Gems were put on this planet to support this growth from the physical phenomena to the spiritual energies. From my experience certain gem minerals attract energies just like a magnet, though what they attract is more subtle than a lodestone, and they just happen to work perfectly with these same subtle energies that surround us, most noticeably out to about six feet. The gem sprays contain the same harmonic matrix as the gems do in unique formulations. This brings a balanced fractal back to our being that tunes the body and being. There is more background, contact me if you would like to discuss. So, when you apply Chi Repair® you have an energetic sweeping across your field. This sweeping clears, smooths, and balances your field. This is because emotions, memories, thoughts and all of our concerns can be stored there as energetic charges. Using Chi Repair® clears and smooths these charges. This gives you a fresh start! Chi Repair® is also a teaching aide. Over and over throughout your day, slowly you learn about your field, how to keep it clean and help it grow and function optimally. Chi Repair® is a gift from spirit to you!

Will CHI REPAIR® stain my clothing?

In my experience, generally no. In a test, I have sprayed up close several sprays from each oil blend onto a white paper towel and let dry. There were no visible circles or spots when the towel was inspected in clear outdoor light. So, even if wearing white silk, it should be okay. Yet to be on the safe side, for delicate garments, I suggest spraying on a part not readily visible, let dry, and inspect before using. All Chi Repair® with plant oils are very lightly scented, hence no heavy oils. They were designed this way by necessity as too much plant/flower oil would negate the enjoyable charging effect of Chi Repair®. Also heavy scents would be too overwhelming while spraying more thoroughly as we may do using a 'full treatment'.  Spot treatments are great too while we are on our busy schedules!

My spray is streaming out funny, what to do?

This may occur occasionally due to the build up of plant/flower oils at the tip of the spray nozzle. The solution is easy, just pull off the little spray tip off of the sprayer. Then rinse the cap, inside and outside, with as hot as water as you are comfortable using. It may take two or three tries to free the build up. Alternating between the rinsing and a couple of test sprays seems to work best. If it still isn't working properly, then try inserting a small point into the part where the spray should come out (push pin, baby pin, etc.). Wiggle and spin the small point around in the fine tip then rinse again, I suggest alternate these two techniques a few times (if rinsing alone doesn't do it), and keep checking to see if you have worked the spray tip free of obstruction. Thankfully this rarely occurs.

May I return CHI REPAIR®?

Yes, you may return your Chi Repair® if purchased from a retail store (see their return details). Also, Orange Sun Labs will accept unopened sealed bottles returned as long as they arrive safely and we will happily refund or exchange ( minus shipping charges). All products are tested before going out the door. After making hundreds of bottles of Chi Repair® without incident, I can confidently say, the odds are on your side that the product is perfect! Although we are happy to discuss your personal situation and make some suggestions to improve your success with the product if you are having any issues.

May I purchase wholesale?

There are Wholesale and Distributor opportunities , after reading to see if you qualify, please contact Orange Sun Labs to proceed.

May I leave a testimonial?

Yes, we love them!  Send them to mcgovers@gmail.com or you can post them on the appropriate product pages.  There is a place to add your experiences at the bottom of every product page.  Thank you!

I've learned all about Earth Disk™ in your online store and online in general. Any there any new tips or tricks?

Yes. If you find the weather is really dry. Try lightly misting your disk with Chi Repair® to form a good connection with your feet (I usually wear socks on the disk). Also, very much recommend giving yourself a light Chi Repair® treatment while on the disk, as it will speed along the whole healing process and give you a wonderful experience, particularly if you breath slow and deep for several seconds while misting This duo treatment is one of the quickest ways to give yourself a healing shift, and is one of the best I've ever experienced in my life! Note: for optimal results, it's preferred to not touch Earth Disk™ and Chi Repair® together if possible, as Copper has a substantial magnetic field that may change the charge of the sprays. Try to keep them apart at least by three feet, though closer for a few seconds should be fine.  Remember to only use one ground point i.e. Earth Disk™ at a time.  More than one ground point causes the energy to oscillate and distrups the peaceful effects of grounding.  Normally the disk is quite calming, if you desire more energy, try this: lay a quartz crystal single point on your Earth Disk™ between your feet for a few seconds, you may find this to be a highly energizing experience, as it rapidly moves Earth energy through your being.  I've found it to be excellent for leg circulation.Though a word of caution, pointed crystals are polaric in nature, and you must use them with great care or risk bringing your body out of balance.  Even just a few seconds a month may be all that is needed to work with a crystal using this particular powerful method.

I still have more questions, how do I reach you?

Hi, I'm Mark Govers, Inventor, Founder, and CEO of Orange Sun Labs, please call 503-389-0133, or click the purple tab that says "ask a question" on the bottom of any page of this website.

 Look forward to speaking with you!