Charge™ pendant kit


Every being on Earth has their own master frequency.  The stronger and healthier we are, the better our frequency can function.  It is our life signal.  The issue is, everything also has it's own frequency and broadcast signal too.  Nowadays there are many new signals, like 5G that have entered the mix.  All of these new signals can cause our own to lose its strength and integrity.   In order for our signal to be clear and resilient, our sub-frequencies must be nourished in support of our overall master frequency.  If we could see all of the signals flying through our cities, it would seem rather chaotic, and for our bodies, it is.  So, what is the solution?  Well, improving our core energetics can be supported by all of the tools on this website, as well as our services.  There is also eating clean food and water, stretching, exercise, meditation, thinking positive thoughts, prayer, finding time in nature, spending time with supportive friends, finding joy in music, and creative outlets.  

But is there anything else we can do?  Yes!  We can supply a steady supportive positive signal.  I am happy to introduce Charge™ to you.  Charge™ is a kit that comes with a special pendant and sprays.  The Charge™ sprays are specifically designed to support our master frequency  It's beautiful and uplifting healing frequency must be experienced to truly know and understand its value.  While Chi Repair® is perfect for cleansing and tuning the Aura on the go and relaxing with the scented varieties, Charge™ is designed to be with you nonstop your entire day.  

Charge™ requires a bit of care each day.  A few and simple steps are required to recharge Charge™.  If you are one who would rather not do this maintenance, this is one of the technologies I use in the 24/7 Diamond Aura™ Service.  Our Aura service uses the law of Quantum Entanglement to reach the client and provide support working from the inside out.  Charge™, though a bit more maintenance will more directly impact the physical body and reach the Aura by way of the outside in.  Even both can be used for peak support.

One of the reasons that cell phones are not healthy is that they have a signal that was never designed with supporting health in mind.  Think of healing gems, isn't that what they do in reverse?  A steady and stable frequency and heal or harm depending on its nature.  One issue with gems though, is they can quickly become bogged down by body oils and energies the body is trying to discard.  You see, a gem can store energies.  It is its way of helping us.  But when the gem is bogged down, it cannot help anymore, in fact, it can be like carrying chains and carrying a dirty gem is even worse than carrying none!  What we need a fresh signal that has the strength to keep us going all day long!  This is what the Charge™ pendant does, and it can be used over and over and over again!  

Instructions to maintain your Charge™ Pendant with included Charge™ sprays: 

Step one, remove the pendant and rub the glass and nylon with soapy water (use liquid hand or dish soap, natural is best).  Rinse the pendant and nylon off with as warm as water as you can without burning yourself, then to as cold as you can without freezing yourself.  Then finish with about body temperature water.  

Step two, empty the discharged fluid into the sink. For most people the fluid will stay charged full strength for about a  day. Then slowly wane after this. For best results, recharge daily before you routine begins.

Step three, spray two sprays of Charge™ fluid into the tiny pendant and seal it.  Give it a shake, and dump this.  This is called a FLUSH and clears away the old charge. 

Step four, spray approximately 9 small squirts into the pendant until about 3/4 full, make sure to leave a bit of air space.  You will hear the mixture bubbling.  Important:  Wait a few seconds for the bubbling to slow before pushing in the cap securely. Tip: hold the bottle by your ear and gently shake to speed up the slowing of the bubbles. If you do not wait for the bubbling to slow, the pressure may be too great and the cap could pop off during use.

You can now put on your active and ready Charge™ pendant.  You will feel alive, supported, nourished and happy!  Charge™ is a magnificent gift from Spirit I welcome to Orange Sun Labs and to you!

The complete kit comes with all you need.  Two of the Charge™ glass pendants with nylon cap (1 as a back up, just in case), two nylon straps to wear around your neck (very sturdy) and two 4 ounce bottles of Charge™ spray.  You will have enough Charge™ spray for two months or more of daily use.  Not recommend for use while swimming or running as the nylon cap may pull out and you might lose the bottle.   Though with walking around or doing casual labor, you should not have any issues.  The pendant is designed to go just over the head and it sits close to the Thymus gland and heart where it does not tend to bounce around.  

Sizing instructions:  take a string and wrap it around the tip of your nose to the back of your head and measure this length.  Please tell us this length in the order notes when you place your order.  

Special care instructions:  keep away from electronics, x-rays, and magnetic fields.  More details on the label or click the chat button with any questions. Best to keep the Charge Pendant ™ over clothing (natural clothing is best if possible) so it can shine into your energy field and not pick up body oils.  Do not spray Chi Repair® diamond sprays on the pendant as the diamond energy will vibrate (however subtly) the glass for many hours when applied to the outside surface creating a distortion effect (it may not disturb you, but for best result, simply spray around the pendant, just not directly upon, (cover with your hand) or remove/or tuck away the pendant, spray aura, and then wear it again.