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Hi there! Please make sure this is your order, if you haven't already, please contact Orange Sun Labs before purchasing to make sure you are qualified and your order is confirmed, or it may not ship. Thank you for understanding. I appreciate you taking responsibility for your own and supporting others health by offering these cutting edge Aura/Chi tools.

Remember to use your wholesale code to get your confirmed 50% off all Orange Sun Labs products!

Also please remember to pick the best shipping package to go with your order (small, medium, or large flat rate box, or mix and match as per your needs) as with this huge discount we must add the shipping charge to your order total.  If you don't have your code yet, please see all details under the contact tab for wholesalers and contact Orange Sun Labs if you would like to discuss how to qualify.

For all the information regarding wholesale orders and/or distributorships please see the WHOLESALE AND DISTRIBUTORS link listed under the CONTACT tab in the menu bar near the top of our web pages.

Mark Govers - Founder - Orange Sun Labs

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