"You may qualify to receive products wholesale!" 

NOTE: If you are looking to find out how to qualify for standard wholesale ordering please find the link under the CONTACT tab on this website.  We have three programs there of which you may find interest.  Once you qualify, you can then order on your own and receive the wholesale discount minus shipping cost (which is automatically added for you during checkout for standard wholesale order sizes up to 24 Chi Repair® packs and up to 8 Earth Disk™, any special packaging needs we would notify you, see information below).  Make sure and include any spray testers and brochures needed upon checkout (located in this Retailers & Therapists section).

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This product page is for orders that may fall out of regular shipping sizes and/or is a special order and an additional charge is needed.  We will notify you once we have the correct pricing listed for you on this product page (please disregard any pricing listed until confirmed and notified) once  you pay for any remainder fees or unique orders we will pack and ship to you.

 At this time we do not charge for packing material or handling charges, only USPS pricing direct to you (we add USPS insurance based on wholesale pricing and signature is required upon delivery).  

All the shipping boxes and their Orange Sun Labs products estimated volume/capacity are located in this Retailers & Therapists section. (small, medium, or large flat rate priority boxes, or mix and match available) Please note that with our huge 50% discount we must add the shipping charge to your special order total (automatically added by the shopping cart for standard wholesale order sizes up to 24 Chi Repair® packs and up to 8 Earth Disk™, we will notify you if custom packaging is needed, for example: Chi Oils™ may require a smaller box or several Chi Shower™ may require a larger box). 

In Light & Love, 

Mark Govers - Founder - Orange Sun Labs


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