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Please find the Wholesaler or Distributor link under the CONTACT TAB  at the top of this website.  Then contact Orange Sun Labs before purchasing to make sure you have been qualified and entered into our system to receive your discount, once you are confirmed, make sure to place your qualifying order for each calendar year and pay for the shipping package that will accommodate your order or it may not ship.  Thank you for understanding. I appreciate your taking responsibility for your own and helping to support others health by offering these high quality, hand made and cutting edge Aura/Chi tools.

It's easy, see if you qualify to receive your automatic 50% off all Orange Sun Labs products!

 Before hitting that purchase button on your wholesale order remember to simply add the correct sized shipping boxes to your shopping cart.  All the shipping boxes and estimates of their Orange Sun Labs products volume/capacity are located in this online store. (choose from small, medium, or large flat rate boxes, or mix and match as per your needs) as with this huge discount we must add the shipping charge to your order total.  Please call if you need to discuss how to get qualified, need help picking the right shipping packages, or anything that comes up!

IF any the shipping cost or other costs need to be settled, I will put the total required to pay here (for example, you chose a small box, and your order needed a medium).  If there is a settlement charge required I will contact you, and will need to collect before shipment.  For a timely response, please see our email address in the contact section.

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Mark Govers - Founder - Orange Sun Labs

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