Empathic Diamond Therapy™ sessions

"Diamond Therapy™ is a special treat for your whole being. It works with our core DNA energetics."

Photo credit: Kim Alaniz

 Renewal, Alignment, Clarity, and fantastic upliftment are a few of the results often experienced with this awesome tool.  Please note that therapeutic Diamonds are somewhat rare, and not any Diamond will achieve these desired effects.  In fact a non-therapeutic Diamond can be destructive.  Note: Wedding rings which are encased in metal are not able to radiate to the degree a free Diamond can.  

A Therapeutic Diamond reaches our DNA on a Quantum level, and improves the communication there as well as clearing psychic residues.  We can also easily clear psychic power cords that may inhibit us on our spiritual journey in life. Where there is great power, there is great responsibility, Diamond therapy™ is perfect for anyone who is trying to improve themselves and break through plateaus for spiritual growth.

REMOTE EMPATHIC DIAMOND THERAPY™ SESSIONS is experienced in the comfort of your chosen space. If does not matter if how far away you are from Orange Sun Labs, we work with you on the Quantum Level, the realm beyond time and space.   I have trained myself to find my client on a Quantum level.  I would then proceed to apply Diamond therapy as usual, except I may choose either a physical therapy Diamond or a special Therapeutic Diamond(s) located within the inner planes.  I also may employ special wood rings with therapy gem spheres inside that I will slide around on a photo of you as led by my Higher self and Inner guides.  It may sound fanciful, but in this serious work, we are on the leading edge of where humanity is going.  There is a reason why sometimes we know who is calling when the phone rings, it is simply because we all have access to this Quantum state.  With training, we can put this to use in our every day living.   I do not "read' someone unless asked.  Although prediction is not my specialty, as an Empath I am more of a Feeler than a Seer, although I do at times get information from feelings that may guide you in your future that I can translate and can pass along.  The future is always shifting like the sky.  To follow our heart is the optimal path for our continued success.  My work mostly involves fine tuning and raising the frequency of your whole being.  When our frequency is low, we don't function as well, so I enjoy the challenge of resolving this and sharing blocks I see or inspiration for you as I work.  For a powerful session, please email your full length photo (clothed in simple natural clothing if possible) in good daylight showing hands, feet and no hat, jacket or scarves to


Session note: to begin conference call  below please use these guidelines to complete a successful connection:

  • Desktop or laptop: Recent Chrome and Firefox on Windows, macOS and Linux. Safari 11 and above on macOS.
  • Android phones and tablets: Chrome and Firefox for Android, as well as other Chrome-like browsers.
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Safari (iOS 11 and above only)


For best results, I can connect to you through your photo!  It's not magic, it's Quantum Entanglement.  You are Quantum Entangled with your photo.  It acts like a map to help me reach your energetic field and I can work on the photo, speak with you, take glances inside my mind's eye, and speak with the Angels/Guides to perform the absolutely best service.

Reminder to send your full length photo in right away, or before purchase so we may begin work immediately.  Make sure your photo is in good light, outdoor sunlight preferred, see more details below to create the best "map" possible for this work.  Please email (largest size/highest definition possible) photo to  

Photo notes:

• Shoot the photo in well lit, preferably outdoors, natural light

• Wear natural clothing (cotton, wool, silk, etc)

• Avoid metal above the belly button for photo

• Hold your palms hanging relaxed and facing out towards the camera

• Best not to wear shoes, but it is up to you

• Keep eyes gently closed and look into your minds eye

• While shooting the photo, say this little prayer "I am ready for a healing"

• Send the largest photo possible which will give the best definition to print out on a full sheet and laminate (we take care of printing and laminating)

Light and Love,

Orange Sun Labs 

Thank you, Orange Sun Labs

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