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Diamond Therapy™ is a special treat for your whole being. It works with our core energetics. Renewal, Alignment, Clarity, and fantastic upliftment are a few of the results often experienced with this awesome tool.  Please note that therapeutic Diamonds are somewhat rare, and not any Diamond will achieve these desired effects.  In fact a non-therapeutic Diamond can be destructive.  Note: Wedding rings which are encased in metal are not able to radiate to the degree a free Diamond can.  

Image by Kim Alaniz, Creative Commons

A Therapeutic Diamond reaches our DNA on a Quantum level, and improves the communication there, as well as clearing psychic residues and power cords that may inhibit us on our spiritual journey in life. Where there is great power, there is great responsibility.  Perfect for anyone who is trying to improve themselves and break through plateaus for spiritual growth. 

For in person sessions please contact for further questions or book your Session at New Renaissance Store below by clicking the link, (please pay New Renaissance for in person sessions) offering Diamond Therapy™ last Sundays monthly at New Renaissance Bookstore in NW Portland, Oregon, check it out!:

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*New!  I also offer remote Diamond sessions.  This is experienced in the comfort of your chosen space. If you live far away, or just prefer to keep your privacy, a remote session is best.   I have trained myself to find my client on a Quantum level.  I would then proceed to apply Diamond therapy as usual, except I may choose either a physical therapy Diamond or a special Therapeutic Diamond(s) located within the inner planes.  I also may employ special wood rings with therapy gem spheres inside that I will slide around on a photo of you as led by my Higher self and Inner guides (formerly Hologram Gem Therapy).  It may sound fanciful, but in this serious work, we are on the leading edge of where humanity is going.  There is a reason why sometimes we know who is calling when the phone rings, it is simply because we all have access to this Quantum state.  With training, we can put this to use in our every day living.   I do not "read' someone unless asked.  Although prediction is not my specialty, as an Empath I am more of a Feeler than a Seer, although I do at times get information from feelings that may guide you in your future that I can translate and can pass along.  The future is always shifting like the sky.  To follow our heart is the optimal path for our continued success.  My work mostly involves fine tuning and raising the frequency of your whole being.  When our frequency is low, we don't function as well, so I enjoy the challenge of resolving this and sharing blocks I see or inspiration for you as I work.  

To sign up for your remote session, simply choose your options below. I will contact you to set up a time that works for the both of us.   

*House/Office clearings!  This is the replacement for my former Castle Therapy where I worked remotely on properties.  I found in this course of that work, that while the Chi Repair sprays and Spiritual travel clearing techniques were invaluable, of particular interest was using Therapeutic Diamonds to remove unstuck energies that have been rooted in some of the places for possibly decades. As mentioned above in the remote Diamond sessions, I also may employ special wood rings with therapy gem spheres inside that I will slide around on a photo of your space as led by my Higher self and Inner guides.  So, If you have a new home, apartment, office or warehouse etc. that you wish to uplift, I encourage you to try our remote Diamond Therapy to greatly improve the energetics, particularly of older structures that have complex histories.  You will find your space more clear, inviting, and primed for your successful ventures and quality of living.  

Light and Love,

Orange Sun Labs 

(15 Minutes) Diamond therapy energy tune-up (included) you may choose one of two additional options below.
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