The Musical Frequency Diet™ Therapy Consultation

"All time and space are in this moment!"

Welcome, your Key to Discovering Nourishment Custom Fit perfectly for You!

This is not simply a diet, this is a path to success in many areas of life.  You will learn how to unlock some of your deepest potential, yielding results far beyond what is thought possible.  I will be disclosing closely guarded secrets regarding frequencies that you may use to greatly increase your happiness and wealth.  I'm very excited to begin this path with you all, and look forward to seeing this light spread to the ends of the earth and beyond.

What is the Musical Frequency Diet?  It is using our spiritual senses, through a special skilled training, in order to discover the exact frequencies that resonate with us.  We can also use this advanced technique to discover new possibilities, in diet, and beyond.

In your consultation, you will learn what 'Dream Shifting' is and its priceless value!

Each year I plan on posting a photo so you can see my results.  These photos will be on or near my actual birthday for accuracy and dependent on weather, travel etc.  Though each year you should be able to see how my results are fairing as all photos will be shown in succession.  This will be a log book of sorts and I hope inspiration for you as well!  Perhaps you will be inspired to do the same.  At some point I hope to start and online forum here at Orange Sun Labs where we can each discuss the Musical Frequency™ diet method and how we are applying it and sharing our wins and losses.  I'm sure we will have more wins!  I'm also sure that as technology enfolds, we will have plenty to talk about.  Much success to us all.

This isn't only about food, as in my experience, many energies are a source of nourishment.  I cover several topics concerning air quality, quantum fields, sexual energies, sleep, emf fields, emotion and thought, frequencies, color, silence, sun, travel safety, my philosophy of why you truly would want to improve and lengthen the quality of your precious life and much more! 

If you decide to book an appointment, I would like to explain that appointments are three parts in one hour + session:

Part I:  introduction, and explanation.

Part II:  training, how to find your very own Musical Frequency Diet

Part III:  sharing, I'll show you many health tips and secrets I've learned by applying this system, and then you can use the system for         determining if these tools also fit you and your toolbox.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you live more happily in the light.


Session note: to begin conference call  below please use these guidelines to complete a successful connection:

  • Desktop or laptop: Recent Chrome and Firefox on Windows, macOS and Linux. Safari 11 and above on macOS.
  • Android phones and tablets: Chrome and Firefox for Android, as well as other Chrome-like browsers.
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Safari (iOS 11 and above only)



Mark Govers

Orange Sun Labs

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