Quantum Translation™ therapy

"Find your solutions, find your Science from Silence."

Hi, I am an Empath, and practicing Seer. 

I am largely self taught, though with continual input from guides, and have had some incredible awakenings and out of body experiences starting in my early twenties. I know first hand the real me is immortal, and essentially a viewpoint of awareness. I know that in order to be truly free, we must take great awareness and responsibility over our actions and energy. I use my inner vision to see your energy bodies and feeling to connect what is needed to the physical. I love to help clear the path for you, which is best done through the help of guides of the highest order. These angelic beings oversee the process and give instruction. These sessions I offer are a bridge to your next step on your eternal journey. Please see below for more of what I do in your session. I would love to work with you!

I would like to welcome you to my Quantum Translation™ sessions. During these, I am in what I call intentional silence (different than being simply quiet, this is when I commit as a spiritual being, and relinquish my social "on call" status for a given period). While I listen to and comment (by writing or hand signals) in response to what my client is saying or feeling. I've found this to be very transformative for the client and I. It is called Quantum because it is beyond the mind. I can't even completely hold it in my mind or explain it, but I know it is special. Entering the Quantum Field is like entering a dream, in which we know and experience many things, but quickly forget with our physical mind. I have changed my life with this technique of silence. I've found its beneficial done around other people even when I am not serving clients. This provides contrast. Silence versus speaking is largely a social issue. It is deeply woven into our culture. In many ways our social structure keeps us locked in regular day to day habits. We are constantly pushed and pulled about by media, friends, family, teachers, government, etc. Though this is just part of the adventure of living on Earth, silence is like a mini vacation for the Soul. It is also a way to get answers! As we silence our loud mind, and tune into our quiet mind, the truth becomes clear. Like the waves stilling on a pond and we can then see the colorful fish swimming below. Another way of describing this is when we immerse ourselves deeply into the Quantum world, we become something wild, raw, natural, wise, and uncommon. It is this I wish to "bridge" to you and offer in my service to humanity. I am wanting to bring these insights to you, in a way that will benefit us both. I have found it does work quite well for working through challenges and building visions and dreams. Give it a try, lets go beyond the mind to a special place of peace you may have forgotten. Please bring a notepad and be ready to write down any issues as we go along you would like to work through or any solutions you wish to record. I've found writing them down first makes them clear and concrete, and then I bring my sculpting tools to see what work of art we may discover together!

Please see FAQ for more details and you may also enjoy reading my "silence" page as well as listen to some of my radio shows to learn more.

"Why are you so afraid of silence, silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void, a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear. A Great Silence overcomes me, and I wonder why I ever thought to use language."


Quantum Translation™ sessions FAQ:

Q: What occurs during a session?
A: I will communicate with hand signals as needed, and I also have a digital writing board to write. You may ask whatever is on your mind or in your heart. I suggest speaking about whatever feels "stuck" or blocked and you are desiring to get that energy moving again. Or perhaps there is too large of a gap between your present and future you wish to close. I will do my best to tune in to my "center" and reply with useful information. This is one of the benefits of silence. I also pay attention to any help I might get from my guide(s) to pass on as useful to you. My intuition sharpens, and it is much easier to get clarity on any subject for you.

Q: How do I prepare for a session?
A: I ask that you come showered and in fresh clothes and please no strong colognes/perfumes. I also ask that you arrive sober (preferably for at least the last 24 hrs). You may also want to write down concerns or questions ahead of time regarding anything that you put a lot of attention on so you will have them ready. But it is not necessary, if you bring along a notepad or paper we can use it as we go. We can go over anything you feel is challenging. Silence will lead me to the Quantum field and to clarity for you.

Q: What will silence really do for me?
A: Clarity, on any issue. Some may also notice a feeling of infinity, hope, and joy. Before we learned human language, we spent a lot of time watching our parents in silence. We can still live without words if we choose, in fact we can thrive. Words are the chosen tool by our societies, not necessarily always the best tool. Language helps as much as it limits. Its a tool that is leaned upon heavily in these modern times. As we spend more time with ourselves in silence it becomes obvious eventually that our true nature is more quantum than linear in nature. Our ideas much of the time come in different sized puzzle pieces and from different directions and at different times. It is mixed with feelings from the cosmos all around us and the infinite creation. Getting back to our simple nature, we learn about our innate gifts and rediscover the magic of creation and life. Silence is one of the ways to learn to "know thyself". In silence we learn the hidden quantum language. Many at this period of history believe they are unhappy, but it is really just a desire to get back to the raw wild self. This self knows peace, and how to get it. It is good to take a break from our society occasionally , either through meditation, music, silence, camping, or something that gets us back to the elemental self. Our true self is inherently good, does good, feels good. As I build a bridge for you from the quantum reality to the linear reality, you may notice a familiar peaceful feeling which leads to greater knowledge of yourself.

Q: Where can I learn more?
A: I learned about silence through a teaching called Eckankar, as well as some books written by Carlos Castaneda and several other teachings. I have practiced it for many years off and on, and have experienced much. I have also learned that there is always another step to take. There are several silent retreats you can find Online. And of course there are the monasteries and eastern temples where mystics and monks take vows of silence, sometimes for many years. In fact it is said Pythagoras had a mystery school where students were taught the secrets of creation but were only admitted after spending a required prerequisite five years in silence!

Testimonial: "I am still feeling the impact of our session (over a week later). It feels like the gunk has been cleaned off of some of the cords, making them easier to change the underlying dynamic. Also, it's been easier for me to make decisions and act from the energy of my "future self". I feel more solid, whole. Thank you again." -Vanessa


Session note: to begin conference call  below please use these guidelines to complete a successful connection:

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  • Android phones and tablets: Chrome and Firefox for Android, as well as other Chrome-like browsers.
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Safari 11


The guides of the highest order and I look forward to assisting you.

Love & Light,

- Mark Charles Govers

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