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"Stay forever young with your own Royal Jade Elixir Cup™!"

These are gorgeous genuine 100% Nephrite Jade cups.  They have relatively thick walls, feel nice and weighted in the hand and hold approximately an ounce of liquid.  They have no coating and are even partially translucent in the sun as you can see in the photos!  Years ago, I discovered the power of Gem water and health.  It's actually how I started with Chi Repair® in 2009.   I went on with sprays, because making the best Gem water is far from easy, and I also began to learn more and more about the exciting world of the Aura.  The truth is, you can gain much with Gem water, in a way that isn't possible with a spray.  Conversely, Gem water, cannot cleanse the Aura the way a spray can.  If you can get your hands on both, you have the best of both worlds!

*Note:  As you can see online, depending on the size, true Nephrite Jade Cups can go for up to several hundreds of dollars!   Watch out for cheap imitations!  

There are many issues when trying to make therapeutic Gem water.  First, quality.  You want a gem that can transport a genuinely uplifting and healing frequency into the liquid.  A Gem that is translucent is preferred.  Next, you have the issue of bacteria.  If your stone has a hole drilled in it, or any cracks or fissures, bacteria will lodge there.  Disease causing bacteria create their own frequencies, and will cancel out the musical frequencies you are attempting to put into the liquid, and of course consuming too many harmful bacterial is also unhealthy.

Its important that you have genuine Jade material.  Some of the "Jade" on the market is actually dyed Quartz or Green Aventurine.  These are healing stones (without the dye), however what is wonderful about Jade is the many dimensions it addresses as a healing stone.  You can read much about this wonderful healing stone online however here is a synopsis of my findings: Jade is relaxing, yet also invigorating.  Strengthening, yet balancing.  It helps one open up to the dream world and recall dreams for wisdom and better decisions in our waking life, Jade helps us to stay in good health, and to make better judgements which is great for relationships and business.  It's no wonder Jade is revered in Asia and is widely recognized to bring good luck in business and pleasure!

There are thousands of different gems and qualities, and believe me, it is extremely challenging to find the just the right hallmark of quality and frequency to make something that truly sings.  I've actually been searching for many years, for a certain kind of carnelian, I had it years ago, and the water it made almost felt carbonated on the tongue after charging in the sun.  These Jade cups provide an interesting similar active charge to my water.  I feel a calm yet invigorating strength course through me, and I'm so happy to find these, a true Emperor's Treasure!  

Lets talk a bit more about this music.  We are for the most part, water.  What I've learned is that to reach the highest states of health, you need water that sings!  This is simply natural harmonics that help the body to function at the most optimal level.  Not only that, it helps the various regions of the body to connect into a single unit, and this not only makes you stronger, it helps flush out any hiding non-harmonious states (disease), and raises the vibration and frequency of your entire body, emotions, and mind as a single whole.

With your own cup, no need to consume any preservative laden Jade Elixir, you can make your own pure 100% Jade Elixir water for the rest of your life!  Jade Elixir in the dropper bottles can cost upwards of $25 plus shipping each, so you can also save a lot of money as the years go by.  Your body will love the pure Jade Elixir with nothing added. You will love the upliftment it will provide day, after day, enabling you to do more, enjoy more, and expand your horizons for what is possible!

Directions for use:  The water charges fast!  Let the water charge in your cup for 7 minutes.  You can let it charge for up to an hour, though it won't make a huge difference.  I suggest drinking this water 3 times a day.  You can also pour the charged water into another glass and then you can just rinse the Jade cup for fast cleanup.  You can also pour the charged water into larger containers of water, as it will transfer the charge fairly well.  For best results use pure spring water.  If not available, filtered water will work.  For the absolute best results, use water that is both filtered and then boiled (to erase old memories) and add some Concentrace brand mineral drops (I use 2 drops per quart).  Water does hold memory, its why Gem water works so well, so if you can clear the older memories by first boiling, your water will more easily be reprogrammed by the Jade.  I recommend room temperature water, slightly cool or warm is fine.  If you use extremely cold or hot water you may take a risk of damaging the cup. 

There are other Gem water bottles and technologies out there.  In my experience, the best technology is where the physical Gem touches the liquid. Only certain gems are safe to use.  I recommend smooth surfaces in your container, which imparts a smooth energy to your water.  Gem crystal points will highly energize your water although they can also easily imbalance one.  I don't recommend a Gem technology where the Gems energy passes through an enclosed glass sphere/bubble etc, as in my findings, you will likely get a hybrid of Glass/Gem water.  This may cancel some or all of the benefits depending on the specific technology.  In short, trust your heart, as I do, and you will find the best for you.  A true therapeutic Gem water is a priceless gift!

Each cup is unique.  They are machine and hand shaped in Asia and carved from solid blocks of 100% pure Nephrite Jade with no dyes, polishes or coatings whatsoever.  Just high quality Jade.  The man who makes these is kind and respected, and you can see the care he puts into each and every cup.  These are little works of art!  An heirloom for your family, and with good care, these cups may well last for hundreds, perhaps even a thousand years.

Your life-time+ quality, pure Jade Elixir Cup™ includes fast priority shipping and a free mini psychic clearing!  

Enjoy the gift of Jade in its most pure and powerful form, for life!

Love and Light, Orange Sun Labs

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