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Earth Disk™ - Deluxe

The Deluxe model has all the same benefits of the Original except I will hand etch your disk with the Tube Torus design shown in the picture and send out to you! See all the etching details below.

Now, also comes with a Sunstone Cabochon with extra special benefits!

The Sunstone piece may be placed on the center of the Disk while in use for increased Chi Circulation and a joyous feeling. Without the Sunstone, the energy is more calming. So you can choose your day to day needs. Also, if the Sunstone is left on the Disk, the Earth energy will project into your living space through the Sunstone! This has a wonderful healing benefit of circulating joyous Chi thoughout your home. Enjoy!

How this etched design came about:

I am a practical person. All of my work is designed to create real results you can feel. It had been suggested by some that I add a design to my products. I have been interested in Sacred Geometry yet didn't know how to apply it. I decided I would not add a design unless I felt it made an important difference. One day, I began to look through designs and asked if I could be shown and feel how these designs might affect me or others. After looking through several, I found the Tube Torus. This design was different than the rest. I immediately felt a shift, almost like time was suspended or slowed. Similar to when one is daydreaming. I thought it was a coincidence. Yet I continue to feel this sensation, some times just lightly, when I view this design. A soft inner voice explained that the design that I viewed (on Wikipedia) could be improved for this specific purpose. I looked for hours another day for an improved Tube Torus. One day, I found it! The design you see here is from a picture of a crop circle I found. A feeling clicked inside of me, and I knew it was right. This design takes over an hour to hand etch into the copper. I print out a special decal, apply it to the disk and etch the design into it. Then I remove the decal and clean off the copper dust and glue residue. The Tube Torus is a two dimensional drawing of a three dimensional shape. It is the shape of the energy field around the Human body and the same shape that is around the Earth. The large circle is the entire field. The 12 smaller circles represent the flowing of the outer energies into the center vortex, represented by the center circle. Then the energy moves from the bottom of the center out through the top of the center and back out to the surrounding field once again. This movement continually rotates in this manner. My inner guides have told me that this design focuses the mental body directly into this phenomena. It thereby has the potential of pulling us more completely into the healing experience.

The Original Earth Disk™ works just fine without the etching, the design simply adds an additional enhancement to the experience. Enjoy!

Best, Mark Govers Founder of Orange Sun Labs

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