Spot and Paws asking, "why do you get all the fun and good feeling Chi Repair®?"

You: not anymore, now I have one for each of you too! Doggy and Kitty Chi Repair® will calm, uplift, rejuvenate, and balance. How does that sound? 

Spot: could you please stop talking and spray us already:)

You: Okay , I'm covering your eyes, now I'm misting your body from head to tail. Okay, good, let's relax now together for about a minute. Ahhh, that smells good!

Paws: Ooooh, I'm feeling more relaxed, thank you Daddy (love, kisses)

You: Hey everyone, my pets are really happy, if you want a calmer, happier dog or cat, try this! You will get a 3 pack, each 1 oz bottle has approximately 200 sprays! With therapeutic Gem Sphere essence of Dark Green Aventurine and Pine Sea oil.

Check out the studies of Pine Sea therapeutic oil and the healing benefits for your pets and you! :

Amazing benefits for Dogs and Cats!

Pine Sea medical study (Pinus Pinaster)

Welcome to our brand new Gem Spectrum Chi Repair® sprays!  Formulated with high quality, safe, and natural plant based Pine Sea oil.  These calming sprays will relax and nourish your pet's natural energy field.  Chi Repair®, formulated with natural gem minerals, promotes balance and helps to cleanse your pet's energy field to like new again!  What a lucky pet to be able to have this wonderful spa like treatment that your little furry friend simply could not do on his or her own!  

Simply pick each spray choice you would like in your three pack from the list below this section.  Enjoy!

  Chi Repair®, because your pet's Aura is larger than life! 

Special instructions suggested for Air Travel: Simply ask for your Chi Repair® sprays to be hand inspected. This is a common request and should be granted without any fuss and typically just takes a few moments longer. If they do happen to go through the X-ray machine, it is possible that the frequencies of the sprays could be altered.  If this happens, try resting the bottle directly on soil outdoors for 15 minutes in sunlight or overnight, if the disturbance was minimal, the erroneous energies may correct themselves with somewhat brief exposure to the Earth and Sun. Please contact if you have more questions or see the FAQ section.

Standard FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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