CHI REPAIR® aura sprays - Value 10 packs - free shipping and a free gift 30 minute mini therapy session of your choice! (you may also gift this to someone if you prefer)

"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power.  It's an energy field created by all living things.  It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together"  

 - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Chi Repair®!

Chi Repair® therapeutic diamond essence sprays accomplish three important things, they cleanse, tune our frequency and recharge the Aura of ourselves or the spaces we occupy. You can perform your best feeling refreshed, alert, calm and lightly energized. The world we live in is full of energies floating around, many of which don't serve us. These include negative thoughts and emotions, air pollution, chemicals, and much more. Chi Repair® brings our Aura back to its harmonic fractal state and helps the natural chi to flow through. Our body is like an instrument, in which it can get out of tune. Chi Repair® with its beautiful musical frequencies, helps bring us back into tune. Our body is also like a battery, it can get discharged. There are many ways to recharge, such as a good meal, a shower, a good nights rest, a hug from a loved one, or laying on a beach. Ultra portable and high melodic frequency Chi Repair® brings back our natural charge when we really need it to help us achieve our dreams!

Hi, I'm Mark Govers, nice to meet you!
I'm an Empathic Healer, Inventor and Founder of Orange Sun Labs (

I discovered many years ago, that my sensitivity could be used to heal myself and others.  I learned a lot from books, then I began to explore dreams and meditation.  I began to have incredible experiences.  I've experienced myself conscious outside of my body, (even while awake), have met countless spirit beings, and have experienced what I call "tastes" of enlightenment.  During a healing crisis, which spanned many years, I put all my focus into healing.  Over time, I gathered many gems of knowledge that I began to share on what is now Orange Sun Labs.  I put these insights together to begin creating healing tools.  I'm grateful to the Angelic beings who assist in my work.  The knowledge of frequencies, color, light, quantum physics principals, and music have all helped me to make huge strides forward which includes the creation of Chi Repair®.

There are 12 all natural beautifully scented, 12 unscented, 3 types Organic White Smudge sprays, and 3 Pet sprays to choose from. Any of these sprays may be used for home or body smudging.  There are only good choices, each spray is designed to bring you back to balance. Every order includes a free remote (by phone) psychic clearing gift! and free USA shipping. Please call 503-389-0133 to leave your contact details for a free consultation, or go to our website ( and click the "ask a question" button.

Wishing you true health and happiness-

*Now available online and many of our spray collection are also available in (they also have Earth Disk™) New Renaissance Bookstore in Portland Oregon.  If you would like Chi Repair® or Earth Disk™ to arrive in your favorite local store, the best way is to ask your store manager if they would please order it for you.  This is also a testimonial of the products, and greatly increases the chance that they will stock them for you.  Stores want to carry products their customers love!

*Ingredients:  all sprays contain purified water, 12.5% certified organic sugar cane alcohol, and (for scented sprays) plant oils, and/or hydrosols.  All sprays also contain the stabilized essences of Diamonds and/or Gems and Love!

Therapeutic Diamonds work directly with our core energetics.  They clear our Auric fields of subtle yet determined debris and old stagnate psychic energies, add fluidity back to our energy field, and renew our quantum blueprints at the DNA level.  Many other gems are used in the making of Chi Repair® including:  Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Pink and Green Tourmaline, and many more!

*Helpful tip:  For an extra effective treatment experience, start with an unscented Chi Repair® spray, then follow this with a scented Chi Repair® spray.  The unscented varieties are crisp, powerful, and clear swiftly while the scented variety are best at holding onto the work you are doing as they create a protective and healing cloak around you!

Empowering you to dream big, Star Traveler!

I am pleased to announce, Star Traveler, a spray made with pure therapeutic Diamond. Star Traveler brings strength, fluidity, purity and resilience to your energy field. This energetically scented spray is enhanced with a time consuming, expensive, brand new process (there are no gems to recycle with this spray. It has an indefinite shelf life). It is very potent and a little goes a long way. It makes you feel alive, awake, energized, and ready to take on the world. It is an important tool for awakening and supports dreams, health, and manifestation. Star Traveler will strengthen your subtle fields and increase your powers of concentration. Extra sensory perceptions will develop over time. It is excellent for claiming your own space, and also assist with developing confidence. This spray is the one I recommend for those working on being more conscious of their dreams, as it assists to activate the dream body. It's important for all the sprays from Orange Sun Labs, yet particularly for this one, to take a deep breath and hold for up to 30 seconds (or as best as you can) while applying this therapeutic spray.

With its penetrating nature this spray is also perfect for clearing old charges on jewelry and crystals. It will penetrate through most energetic residues and clouds. Simply spray thoroughly, then for deeper results let sit for one minute and then use some gentle way to clean away any old energies such as water and a mild liquid soap, or if needing to keep dry, use a soft clean towel or tissue to wipe clean.

Dream tip! Spray from the top of your head (Crown Chakra, up to high as you can reach above your head, spraying a "Golden White Column" when you see this in your mind's eye fully formed, you are ready for a more conscious journey into the inner dream worlds! Do this technique when it feels right. Best do this, and everything, in balance:)

Rainbow is a very unique and exciting spray. This energetically scented high frequency blend carries all of the colors of the visible spectrum (rainbow). It is shielding, uplifting, and an amazing sweet energy. Rainbow is powerful yet nourishing, it may take a while to adjust to its high frequencies over time. Just take a break here and there from its high energies occasionally as you adjust to a more harmonious and vibrant way of living. You may find yourself attracting others smiles and interest as people are quite attracted to this frequency. Its a rainbow hug.

White Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with White Beryl. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant white.  Soul, who we really are, is in this world, though not "of" it.  When we allow ourselves to be who we really are by gently letting go of all that we are not, we actually purifying ourselves entering into the White light.  Helping to set our feet onto a more uplifting and rewarding life path, White Soul helps us to remember and experience the purity and higher life within. This purity leads us to find our hearts desires with more ease and peace. White Soul is excellent for meditation and spiritual practice.  The color white is associated with purity, mastery and works with all Chakras as one.

Purple Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with Amethyst. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant purple.  This is the deep peace and meditation spray. Go for Purple Soul when you need to step back, calm, reflect, and make the right choice. A shower of purple rain! Use it when you wish a fresh start and to help you see the whole. Purple Soul will help you find the wisdom you seek within your meditations.  The color purple is associated with wisdom, leadership and the Crown Chakra.

Indigo Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with a rare translucent Sodalight. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant indigo.  The allure of Indigo. Enter the mystical eye, dreams, visions, and intuition. All are tickled with this color. Try this one during meditation, or simply before bed. Deeply relaxing and refreshing at the same time. A delightful frequency that will have you riding a magic carpet towards all your dreams and visions! Indigo Soul is excellent for meditation and finding your hearts desires.  The color Indigo is associated with dreams, intuition and the Brow Chakra.

Blue Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with Blue Sapphire. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant blue.  Want mental clarity? Need stimulation at work, or new ideas to break through your projects? Try true Blue! Tuned to the color that supports the voice and mental focus. It may just what you need to reach the next level on your journey to freedom and success! Blue Soul is excellent for study and finding that clear vision that gives us the edge we need to succeed.  The blue color is associated with communication, a clear mind and the Throat Chakra.

Green Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with Emerald. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant green.  Ahhh green, the balancing nature of green is a great all around spray to have in one's tool kit. Resonate , soothe, and uplift the whole being. Green Soul is excellent for meditation and finding that healthy balance we all need. The green color associated with balance, clear health and the Heart Chakra.

Yellow Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with Yellow Sapphire. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned a brilliant yellow.  Feel the uplifting and soul brightening power of yellow!  The bright sunny yellow frequency will brighten your day and help you feel fresh, strong, and happy! Encouraging and enlivening the power of the solar plexus, yellow supports digestion, and compassion towards all. Clear away the old and get ready for the new, with Yellow Soul CHI REPAIR®! Excellent for meditation and helping you hear the call of spirit.  The yellow color is associated with Soul, a clear will and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Orange Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with Carnelian. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant orange.  Turn on some music, do a little dance, because that's how you will feel after a bit of this spray! Orange is the joy frequency. Great for getting you through the day, to feel more alert, refreshed, and just happy to be alive. Orange Soul is excellent for meditation and relaxation.  The orange color is associated with vitality, joy and the Sacral Chakra.

Red Soul Chi Repair® is scented energetically with Ruby. This spray is made with a special Diamond/Gem matrix essence tuned to a brilliant red.  Lighten your load, spray away the day, feel a renewed excitement and love for life! The passionate red frequency will help you find the warmth deep in your soul. Awaken and release this deep love in a gentle and balanced way. Red Soul CHI REPAIR® is excellent for meditation and self awareness.  The red color is associated with love, clear emotion and the Root Chakra.

The wonderful nourishing Soul Color sprays add extra nourishment in the form of certain color bearing gems and offer the 7 colors of the rainbow plus white.  Simply pick the color you are attracted to and receive the color therapy support you need.  Learn more about Soul Colors and how to discover your own personal Soul Color in the FAQ on this website.

This is Zeus.  Through an incredible discovery of Quantum fields found naturally on Earth, Zeus was eventually created.Through a lot of patience and research, a formula was tuned just right to have an amazing affect on our human energy fields.The Quantum Field that exists all around Earth, helps with the transmission of crucial energy transfer throughout nature nearly instantaneously.  Living in certain man-made structures with certain artificial building materials used in cars and buildings as we do in our modern times, we spend a good deal of time separated from this vital precious energy.  Too much time.  The great news is that Zeus brings back this energy in abundance and is also very cleansing.  Therefore, Zeus is only needed occasionally, as desired.  Perhaps in the morning, and afternoon, these are the common times when we need a burst of energy.  The wonderful thing about Quantum energy, is that it will assist bringing a vital flow back into your life, it also helps to bring in knowledge from the natural Quantum energies that lay all around us, even from other people.  Finally, Quantum energy is a youthful energy, your body and mind will function better, and it is simply one more must have tool to have in one's toolbox, for those of you interested in the best available for longevity and quality of life.  Zeus is unscented.

Joy of the Cosmos!

Created with extremely rare Gem Quality Moldavite spheres using our unique Chi Repair six step process. Feel in awe of the Cosmos as your awareness connects and expands with the light and power around us. True 14 million year old Moldavite is only found in Czechoslovakia and is widely known (See YouTube) for its amazing effects. Not a crystalline gem, its amorphous quality is due to the fact that it was created from a massive meteor impact that most scientist believe resulted in a combination of terrestrial and extraterrestrial minerals. Due to the massive explosion and heat of impact, pieces of Moldavite were strewn into the air and some landed more than one hundred miles away. In the past, Moldavite could not be worn by everyone or took sometimes months to adjust to. That will generally not be the case with this spray, as when a polaric or rough gem is fashioned into a sphere, the energy now radiates equidistantly from all points on the mineral, interacting with our electric nature in a more controlled and balanced manner. This is one of the first gems that I had a profound experience with. Upon placing a small rough piece no larger than a quarter in size in my palm an energy immediately whisked up my arm and to my heart! It was energizing and invigorating, but I felt it was too much for daily use. I eventually forgot about it as I began to deeply research other gems, particularly in the sphere shape. So, I am so happy to come full circle :) and create this spectacular spray that is wonderfully balanced for all of us.  When the Founder of Orange Sun Labs uses this spray, he feels joy, an expanded state of awareness, and any challenges on Earth appear less significant and more manageable.  The Cosmos is a place of joy!

Get ready to experience one of the most potent and powerful gems on the planet!

This exciting and important spray is made with with a high quality wine colored Pink Tourmaline categorized as Rubellite, Therapeutic Diamond, and an amazing all natural Rose Petal scent, designed to support a woman on several levels.

Female Spirit strengthens, shields, energizes, and vitalizes the female energies and presence (also works to temporarily comfort a male, though not recommended for long term use for a man). Female Spirit creates a beautiful shield of protection all around your body. Great to use at work when you need a boost, before sporting competitions, to bolster your health, and for all around emotional support. The wonderful feeling must be experienced to believe! Female Spirit has a stable shelf life of a year with a beautiful scent. Simply mist the Chakras and palms, breathe deep and hold for 10-30 seconds for nearly instant upliftment. Be the ultimate you!

The spray is also excellent for attracting the opposite sex! Try it, be surprised and amazed! Also great for your female relationships as you bring a special kind of support "to the table" that will be needed by many. Great for business collaboration. Its highly recommended a woman use Male Spirit only if engaging in a Herculean task or emergency. Please go back to Female Spirit immediately following to return to balance. Female and Male Spirit are great for a budding or building of any relationship.

Note: That each sex will obtain support indirectly of the opposite quality by being in the proximity of their partners energy field. For example: a male will get support for his female side from a woman using Female Spirit, while a female can enjoy the power of Male Spirit in a balanced way by being near a man using it.

This exciting spray is made with Green Tourmaline, Diamond, and a brand new for 2019* gorgeous all natural Sandalwood Musk (this is a wonderful simulated musk scent using natural plant oils, no animal products are used), designed to specifically strengthen, support, energize, and vitalize the male being.  

Great to use at work when you need a boost, before sporting competitions, to bolster your health, and for all around support and protection from stress and strain. Male Spirit has a stable shelf life of a year with a fresh, masculine scent. Simply mist the chakras and palms, breathe deep and hold for 10-30 seconds for quick strengthening and support. Be the ultimate you! This spray is also excellent for attracting the opposite sex, as well as supporting any current relationship. This spray will turn heads! Try it before you go into a restaurant or shop, and watch some necks bend:) Even males will be attracted to you in a friendly way, as they know you are carrying some strength that they want and need as well. Great for business collaboration. The spray has Diamond which often women adore, and they are very in tune with its frequencies, the Green Tourmaline should be used by males only unless a woman has to perform some Herculean task, though it will strengthen a woman indirectly through any man that is using it in their proximity. The spray is invigorating, strengthening, and supportive for all males.

Male Spirit and Female Spirit are perfect for attracting any new potential or long lasting relationship! Note: A man who is sensitive or involved in a healing crisis, or alone, may enjoy the Female Spirit's nurturing and protective properties, as he builds up to being able to use the Male Spirit more and more. Try to use the Male Spirit at least once per day in these conditions, in certain special cases it may be required to ease in slowly.

Note: That each sex will obtain support indirectly of the opposite quality by being in the proximity of their partners energy field. For example: a male will get support for his female side from a woman using Female Spirit, while a female can enjoy the power of Male Spirit in a balanced way by being near a man using it.

Welcome to our Heavenly Scented Chi Repair® sprays, now with Diamond Essence! These sprays are all naturally scented with plant oils and/or natural hydrosols. We use organic or wild crafted oils when possible always taking care to choose the highest frequencies available which is our priority (We've found that typically organic has a higher frequency, though not in all cases, it's an ongoing effort to monitor our supplies to get the best and most uplifting product to you). Our naturally scented Diamond Chi Repair® sprays are designed to uplift and bring overall balance while helping you to continually to grow spiritually. The 100% natural plant based beautiful scents Diamond sprays to choose from are Rose Heart, Blue Chamomile, Sandalwood Rose, Australian Sandalwood, Orange Blossom, Vanilla Orchid, Jasmine Rose, Frankincense, White Gardenia, and Sacred Forest. Also, check out Male and Female Spirit, these sprays are scented too and each are treated with diamond and gender specific supporting gemstones, Green Tourmaline for males, and Pink Tourmaline for females.

Welcome to our brand new Diamond Smudge sprays!  Smudge Chi Repair® was created for spaces.  Formulated with magically uplifting Organic White Sage blended with your choice of either Blue Cypress, Eucalyptus or Lemon.  These Diamond smudge sprays are designed to work across several dimensions at once.  So if you are intending to cleanse the physical, emotional, and mental areas of your home or office, we have you covered! 

Note:  even though smudging without all the smoke is a great choice for many, the inventor feels that smoke based smudging still has its own unique place and works within a more earthy frequency range.  The sprays bring a space to a high level spectrum.  For ultra-difficult conditions, try traditional smoke smudging, followed later in the day with Smudge Chi Repair® cleansing to get the best of both worlds!

General use: simply spray a single spray in each corner of a space and one spray in the center of the room/space.  

Deep cleansing: move in a counterclockwise spiral moving from the center of the space until you reach the walls, then move out the door of the space.  Next close your eyes, imagine the spray's spiral mist trail you just applied moving like a river out of your home or office and into the earth.  Ask the Earth to make an opening for these energies to flow into like a waterfall.  Keep imaging this until you can actually feel the movement out of your space and you are finished cleansing when you can see and feel this being completed in your mind's eye and heart.  

Note: deep cleansing may only be required occasionally, general use may be performed as often as you like.


Spot, Paws, and Trigger asking, "why do you get all the fun and good feeling Chi Repair®?"

You: not anymore, now I have one for each of you too! Doggy, Kitty, and new *Pony Chi Repair® will calm, uplift, rejuvenate, and balance. How does that sound? 

Spot: could you please stop talking and spray us already:)

You: Okay , I'm covering your eyes, now I'm misting your body from head to tail. Okay, good, let's relax now together for about a minute. Ahhh, that smells good!

Paws: Ooooh, I'm feeling more relaxed, thank you Daddy (love, kisses)

You: Hey everyone, my pets are really happy, if you want a calmer, happier dog, cat or horse, try this! You will get a 3 pack, each 1 oz bottle has approximately 200 sprays! With a therapeutic Diamond essence and high quality - ultra pure CO2 extracted Frankincense oil.

Trigger: Heeeheee, this is wonderfully soothing

Check out the Frankincense therapeutic benefits for your pets and you! :

Amazing and safe for Cats!

Dr. Axe says, best oil for most dogs!

Great for Horses!

Enjoy our brand new Pet Diamond Chi Repair® sprays!  Formulated with high quality, safe, and natural plant based Pine Sea oil (see study, links above). These renewing sprays will relax and nourish your pet's natural energy field.  Pet Chi Repair® promotes balance and helps to cleanse your pet's Aura back to like new again!  What a lucky pet to be able to have this wonderful spa like treatment that your furry friend simply could not do on his or her own! 

*            *            *


 Chi Repair®, because your Aura is larger than life!

Special instructions suggested for Air Travel: Simply ask for your Chi Repair® sprays to be hand inspected. This is a common request and should be granted without any fuss and typically just takes a few moments longer. If they do happen to go through the X-ray machine, it is possible that the frequencies of the sprays could be altered.  If this happens, try resting the bottle directly on soil outdoors for 15 minutes in sunlight or overnight, if the disturbance was minimal, the erroneous energies may correct themselves with somewhat brief exposure to the Earth and Sun. Please contact if you have more questions or see the FAQ section.

Standard FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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Love & Light, Orange Sun Labs




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