Chi Repair® Testers - wholesalers choice - three packs

"Let's spread the chi and love together!"

Approved wholesalers, If you need extra testers for your store or healing space, you can find them all here in one place!

Pick any three or more from our entire line of 29 different Gem and Diamond Chi Repair® sprays.  Also, Chi Oil™ testers available.  

Chi Repair® Testers come with a beautiful and practical spray cap.  You'll see three TESTER logos in Lavender and Yellow with Fairy dust to help illuminate and attract.  The logos are displayed 360 degrees around the cap, so no matter which direction customers replace the spray back onto the shelves, the word TESTER is easily visible!   Chi Oil™ testers come with a single sparkly tester logo on the packaging.

Note:  I usually include a free gift for orders up to $100, 2 free gifts for $100+, 3 free gifts for $200+ etc.  I can include free testers instead for your gift if you like, per your order size accordingly (unscented sprays only which include most Diamond sprays (except Female/Male Spirit) and the Gem sprays Zeus, Chi Shower, or Cosmos Moldavite) or I can just surprise you as usual ;)

If you need scented Chi Repair® testers, or more than the free gifts I can include for you, please order as many as you need below, these will be included with your wholesale order at the same time.  

*Simply pick each spray choice you would like in your three pack(s) from the list below this section.  Each spray is in a pocket or purse friendly sized 1 oz glass bottle with approximately 200 sprays each.  Prices listed are wholesale, if you are also purchasing an order of retail products, your 50% discount will automatically apply in the shopping cart if you are in our system, thank you, and enjoy!

 Chi Repair®, because your Aura is larger than life!

Important Note: The Diamond essence sprays are recommended to be used approximately 10 minutes apart from the Gem Sphere sprays for best results, as each of these two lines has a unique mission and purpose.

Special instructions suggested for Air Travel: Simply ask for your Chi Repair® sprays to be hand inspected. This is a common request and should be granted without any fuss and typically just takes a few moments longer. If they do happen to go through the X-ray machine, it is possible that the frequencies of the sprays could be altered.  If this happens, try resting the bottle directly on soil outdoors for 15 minutes in sunlight or overnight, if the disturbance was minimal, the erroneous energies may correct themselves with somewhat brief exposure to the Earth and Sun. Please contact if you have more questions or see the FAQ section.

Standard FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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