SHOWER CHI REPAIR® - 4 oz size (Three Pack)

Feel as fresh as a child after the shower. Deeply cleansing and gently alkalizing to the skin and pores. Freshens the Aura for an amazing clean feeling. Clean away the Electric smog and Astral pollution that is on Earth at this time. Think better, sleep better, perform better. Live a higher quality life! Made with natural ingredients, Ultra purified water, 20% Certified Organic Hypoallergenic Sugar Cane Alcohol and a special gem essence using a special enhancement process. 

Application is easy, I recommend applying a natural liquid body soap, or a natural shampoo to cleanse your body and a natural boar bristle brush. The brush is very important as it works the product into the skin's pores. Can be used out of the shower too.  Feel brighter and fresh everyday!

Simply put a dab of soap on the brush, spray several sprays of Shower Chi Repair® on the brush, and massage into the skin. Note: for the hair I suggest simply evenly misting with eyes closed, and then shampooing as usual. Shower Chi Repair® will thrust you into a new world of purity, energy, freshness, and delight!


Shower Chi Repair® notes:  Due to its deeply cleansing nature, it is not recommended for regular use in one's head of hair, unless for oily hair. 

Special instructions suggested for Air Travel: Simply ask for your Chi Repair® sprays to be hand inspected. This is a common request and should be granted without any fuss and typically just takes a few moments longer. If they do happen to go through the X-ray machine, it is possible that the frequencies of the sprays could be altered.  If this happens, try resting the bottle directly on soil outdoors for 15 minutes in sunlight or overnight, if the disturbance was minimal, the erroneous energies may correct themselves with somewhat brief exposure to the Earth and Sun. Please contact if you have more questions or see the FAQ section.  The two ounce size is legal for carry on most Airlines, check with your carrier before travel.

Standard FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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