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Castle Clearing™ services 30 minute remote session

Hi, I'm Mark Govers, founder and inventor of Orange Sun Labs. Whether you rent or own, are a real estate agent or investor, sometimes clearing your space is vital. Emotions, thoughts, old building materials, conflicts, and other challenging events, may leave behind residues, entities, and 'power cords'. The ancient native tradition of smudging is one way to tackle this. Another option is my smoke free Smudge Chi Repair® made with Certified Organic White Sage and Certified Organic Sugar Alcohol, specifically designed to scrub your spaces clean, continuing even after application. Though sometimes, you may need even deeper work. If this is the case, you may try my Castle Clearing™ service. I've become skilled in this, and the distance to your location is of no consequence, for in the spirit realm there is no time or space. I will need pictures of all the rooms you wish to work with. I recommend having a bottle of the aforementioned Chi Repair® for best results. Together we work remotely to help solve your space's issues. In most cases we can improve the entire building/space within a half hour, though some will vary depending how much work is involved. This energy and focus intensive work is $30 per 1/2 hr. Simply order the Smudge Chi Repair®.  Any Chi Repair® will help, yet the Smudge is specifically designed for spaces. Then send in the pictures to and contact after you have the spray, or we can do it solely on the Quantum level without any sprays. We will set a time and get ready for a fresher home or space!

P.S. I always work as quickly as possible, though I have to let spirit guide the way. Please indicate your time constraints in the beginning, and I will do what I'm able within that time period. To give you a general time estimate, in my experience so far, a condominium might take 30 minutes plus, a multi-level home an hour plus. Thank you

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