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"Welcome to customized support with our brand new Aura Service!"

You may be familiar with our remote Diamond Therapy offering.  Many healers around the globe offer remote healings, and this has been around for centuries.  Although, the secrets were generally passed by word of mouth, from teachers to students.  The rare and precious knowledge was only held by a few.  Today, times are changing.  People are looking for ways to grow, not only in wealth and health, but spiritually.  Our Aura houses valuable energetic information for our well being, while also protecting us from the densities of the material dimensions.  You might say, it is our home away from home.  We are actually spiritual beings, or souls, having a physical experience.

During our time on Earth and other planets we may visit during our journey back to our true home, the world of pure spirit, we may encounter obstacles.  Some life times are more difficult than others.  We process through families, karma, and the various energies of time and place.  

If our Aura's take too much of a beating, it can seriously affect our pace towards our success on this plane, as well as the inner planes.

There are many ways to improve the health of our being and Aura.  I always encourage everyone to continually experiment, just as many scientists do, as it is the only way to make new discoveries that can improve our lives for the better.  The brave, who continually strike out into new territory, have the greatest chances of making these discoveries.  Yet the wise, always check within, taking a look with the Mind's eye, comparing the sense data, before proceeding.  We have inner helpers, who are just waiting for us to ask for their assistance.

During my journey on Earth in this life, I have had my share of struggles.  Starting life with great sensitivity was challenging.  Later, I ended up having much further challenges with my health.  Now, finally, I'm making great gains, and during the struggle, I uncovered truths.

These truths, led me to create systems and tools to help my self and others.

One of these tools is 24/7 Aura support.  I'm experiencing it in this moment.  It is lovely, always there for me if I want it.  It nurtures, supports, gently energizes, feeds, defends, and encourages me to press on.

What is 24/7 Aura Support?  

This is how it works:

The universe we live in is Newtonian AND Quantum.  Newtonian physics is the world we all know, cause and effect, gravity, etc.  Quantum is newer, to mainstream science at least.  Our spirit lives in this more free dimension.  The truth is, that on the Quantum level there is no time or space between anything!  You can verify this yourself by studying the concept called 'Quantum Entanglement'.  You can easily find information regarding this fascinating subject online.  I will just say here, that any photo of you, is quantum entangled with you.  So, after you email me a full length photo of yourself (please take the picture outdoors or in very good light, and wear natural fibers, I should be able to see your hands, feet, and head well) I can lay gems on your photo, treat your photo with Diamond Chi Repair®, and even clear old or stagnate energies with my Diamond wand.  

The 24/7 Aura support service includes daily checking in of your progress.  If I see an adjustment that needs to be made, I can do it quickly and on the spot.  Besides the 24/7 support, these adjustments are the second half of this important healing modality.  Making needed adjustments may make all the difference for you.  I may also be alerted when your energy field is under over average duress and can add in the appropriate supportive energies to help support you the best we can.

Please note:  This is not a cure or cure all.  This is support.  You will still need to do your best with your diet, exercise, meditation.  You will still need to work on your relationships, and try your best to maintain balance of body and soul.  The difference is, now you will be getting additional help and support with the resources this service provides.  Things are that much closer to harmony for you, and if you work with this system, you will find you can more easily enter what I call "flow states".  You will learn how to maintain these states longer and longer, and eventually no thing or person will take you away from it for long.

I'm proud to offer all Orange Sun Labs clients our new service starting in 2019!  

Thank you for stopping by, and if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact us for a free no obligations consultation to see if this might be a good fit for you.

If you are ready to go, simply purchase below which covers a full month of daily service.  This is the same cost for just 90 minutes of our remote Diamond therapy, so this is a really great value.  The daily adjustments may just take a few minutes per day.  So that is why I feel I can charge so little for such a long time of offering support for you.  I'm happy to do this work, and I like to keep my prices affordable.  I hope I can meet you one day, thank you for your interest, love, and continued work on your health and spiritual growth, the world needs you!

Note: by purchasing just one quantity below ($90) you will receive one month (30 days) of 24/7 Remote Aura Service plus consultation.

Please send your full length photo in right away, or before purchase so we may begin work immediately.  Make sure your photo is in good light, outdoor sunlight preferred.  Please email to  

Look forward to working with you!

In service, Orange Sun Labs

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