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The general consensus among scientists is that Moldavite was formed from a Meteor roughly 14.7 million years ago and is composed of terrestrial and extraterrestrial material. Generally rich green in color and in varying fragmented shapes, this gem-like material has been loved and shared throughout time by royalty and healers alike. Known as a power stone.  In my experience, this gem brings an expansion of consciousness as it connects us to the Cosmos from where it came.  This awareness brings much joy and helps give us a better and more clear perspective of our life on Earth.

Why Miracle?  Two reasons, first off, my spiritual guides and I designed a new way to treat this heavenly scent.  Using what is called 'Micro-bubbles' discovered in Silent Meditation.  The second reason is that I witnessed a small Miracle after applying this oil.  I actually saw my work space go from Matter to Spirit and then back again!  It reminded of the book "Illusions" where Richard is swimming through soil and walking on water.  So there you have it, the miracle of Moldavite!  

1/2 oz per bottle, you will get a full ounce in this twin pack.  Unique and exciting, this luxurious and mysterious 100% natural rich aromatic essential oil in a carrier oil base of sweet almond oil also contains complimentary gem frequencies and has been treated with a rare Moldavite gem sphere. The sphere shape promotes balanced distribution of this healing force so that it may be easily enjoyed. Care instructions: Store your bottle of Moldavite Miracle™ oil in its zip bag when not in use and in a cool dark place.  

This product has not gone through the  FDA's approval process for skin use, suggested use: for your meditation alter, incense, candles, jewelry, crystals, on the outside of clothing such as sleeve or collar.  Note:  this product only contains natural oils and essential oils from nature, no synthetics, chemicals, or preservatives have been added, thus please watch the 'best by' date on the bottom of the bottle.

Standard FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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