Chi Repair® - Diamond Sprays

"Each of the Therapeutic Diamond/Gem matrix color Chi Repair® sprays will strengthen all your Chakras in the blink of an eye!"

Note: Each color also contains white. Each Chakra actually accepts all colors, though each has an emphasis of one color. These sprays are designed to spray all of the Chakras and are self balancing for carefree application. A simple application technique is to lightly mist above the head with eyes closed, take a deep breath and SLOWLY count to 9. While doing the breath, spray up and down the body like you are zipping and unzipping a jacket. Finish by lightly misting your throat area, forehead, and crown with your eyes closed. Relax for sixty seconds in this spot to let the energies do their work. Experience renewed strength and enthusiasm throughout your day. Re-apply as needed. Enjoy!

Learn how to discover your Soul Color. See FAQ for more details on this and Chakra insights also see tab under workshops and subscribe to learn much more detail (2 1/2 hour audio is chock full of information on health, dreams, Soul Colors and more). New: the frequently asked questions page has been updated to include more information on Soul Colors, click FAQ tab from top of any page on this website and see answers # 9 and #11! Your Soul Color is larger than your strongest chakra, and represents your life's challenges and gifts. Once you know your color and understand how foundational they are to relationships, it will become much clearer how to interrelate on a daily basis. We all need all the colors, as light is life. Though your Soul Color is like your main fuel and power to help you get through anything!

Note: All the Patented sprays are refillable (listed on labels). For further information on how to apply, refills, and more see the FAQ tab, videos tab, and the color brochures at the bottom of every page on this website.

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Tip: For best results always gently shake your spray a couple of
times before applying to enliven your spray and you!

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