Worlds beyond words...

Published June 4th, 2019 by Orangesunadmin

Today, I got up feeling great.  I've been listening to what my body really wants, and its paying off.  Some light jogging on a trampoline daily, I set a timer for five minutes, my minimum, and go longer if I wish.  I'm eating things like green beans, stevia sweetened blackberry sauce, figs, pineapple, and herbal teas.  I meditate for an hour a day in my zero gravity lounger ($60, Amazon, message me if interested).  I listen to amazing music in Nuraphones headphones, I'm currently using the hardwire over the bluetooth.  All these things enhance my life, but they did not come overnight, they took careful listening.  You see, we are bombarded by human language, as Dr. Lipton puts it, hides feelings.  Sorting through feelings, and finding who you really are is key.  I also highly recommend taking vows of silence, whenever possible.  Weekends can be great for this.  I use a 'boogie board' to communicate in these situations.  You can get really deep into your feelings using silence, and a new world opens....Its literally a sci-fi movie inside yourself if you can get deep enough.  Mastery is work, at least in the beginning.  Check out this wonderful video, a real gem by Dr. Bruce Lipton, and when you are ready, may those beautiful eyes open to the waking dream.  You become what you do, so choose your fate wisely.  With love, Mark

"Your body is an illusion"

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