Wood Table Technique

Published February 27th, 2017 by OrangeSunLabs

The wood table technique

Hi, today I would like to share the above technique. Though I have talked about this elsewhere, I wish to go over it again, in more detail, here. It is so key to many things in life and so important, I hope you find it useful too. What I finally realized while living in Santa Barbara, CA was how to find out how to make good decisions for my body, when I could not tolerate many mistakes. I later learned that this is a spiritually valuable key in life. After hurting myself over and over and wasting time and money, this technique slowly became more and more integrated in my life as a necessity.

It started one day like this. I walked in to a store and proceeded to find interesting products for my well being. I picked up a product and my senses enjoyed it, yet after several damaging mistakes to my health, I now had hesitation. For some reason, this one day, I closed my eyes, I imagined taking the substance. In my imagination, I could seem to taste and then feel the product. If my memory serves me, I ignored this "fantasy" the first couple of times. Then I started to see its value. I began to see the connection between the physical body and the imagination. I used to call this the "image technique" because I would study an image in my minds eye until satisfied I had the right knowledge whether or not to proceed. Eventually, I figured out the key.

So here is the technique, and I will try and explain how it works. It works particularly well with food choices, since this is something we experience with many senses. Though can be used for almost any decision. As my example, I will use a powdered drink mix. If you are able to hold or touch the item while doing this technique, all the better. 1)Touch or hold the item if possible, or even a photograph of it. 2)close your eyes, imagine you are comfortably sitting at a wooden table you enjoy (or another material if you prefer). In this case while I am sitting at this "imaginary" table I will go ahead and make this powdered drink mix, pour it into a glass, and drink it. I will then watch my "imaginary" senses VERY closely. 3)Now this is the part that takes the working of a muscle many of us do not use at will: you have to watch your imaginary body AND at the SAME TIME see what your earth body is experiencing. This is the very delicate golden thread that will take time to thicken and strengthen. It is important to do this without judgement if you wish to see the truth. So, I am telling you, that the dream or "imaginary" world will give you REAL information that can help you while you are on earth! To me this is like magic. Yet, now, I see it is just another science that is not yet mainstream. If you are like myself, this will most likely take some very deep practice and concentration. Particularly when ill, I sometimes found it hard to concentrate. I would either focus just on my earth body or just on my imaginary body sensations. It can be a very challenging skill at first that sometimes requires a surgeon's touch. Again, the key is to see how your imaginary body sensation affect your physical body. Be careful not to add sensation, just consume the product or whatever you are trying to figure out in the "imaginary" world and let the experience show you the truth.

The reason this works, is because indeed, the "imaginary" and the earth world are linked in a very real way. As we learn to build this link through feeling we become attuned to this inner space and more awake. So this is why I put "imaginary" in quotes, because it is actually a very real reality. Most of it can be so abstract we pay no attention. With this technique, you can bring imagination into your practical everyday life!

Toward health and love -

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