What is PURE silence?

Published May 13th, 2018 by Orangesunadmin


Pure silence is different than just being quiet or alone in nature. This is where if someone came to talk to you, you would be "on vacation". It means you would use other means to communicate besides our linear language. This takes you "off call". We all have been on call since we learned to speak as young children. After speech comes expectation. If someone calls you, you must answer legibly with linear language. What is linear language? This is when we choose a single line of thought from the infinite available to us. It is a conformity and works well for a society. The problem is, we lose something, we lose our inherent Quantum language. We all know how to process information in an entirely different manner. I've had a taste of this Quantum language many times. I can know things my mind can't hold onto, I can be aware of two things simultaneously, but can hang onto neither. I use it as I need it, as it's only accessible in the now moment, but it's much bigger than me. So, back to going off call for a while. I suggest practicing PURE silence in a social situation, or at least with your significant other. This provides great contrast to your silence. I suggest doing it at minimum ,at first, for an entire day. Then try a whole weekend or longer. Use a notepad or other device (I like the Boogie Board™ which allows you to erase and write over and over again) to communicate plus hand signals and other feelings or even noises, just no speech. What happens is, once we realize we really don't have to respond with the boxed responses, our attention which usually in our society resides in the head area, begins to rest in its throne in the heart or center of our chest. As this happens, we connect with the universe from a more universal position and have access to new information. I find great joy and discovery in this state.

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