Spiders riding electric fields!

Published July 10th, 2018 by Orangesunadmin

Creatures the world over are slowly but surely teaching us about the cosmic electro-magnetic sea that we all live in.  Not only will these revelations give us the deepest insights into how creation is built, put together, and connected.  It will allow us to improve our sciences on all levels.  Near and dear to me, is health and longevity science.  For of all the technologies we pursue, to me, our body is the most fantastic piece of portable "tech" we can own.  It is always with us, houses our intellegence, memory, dexterity, balance, dreams, and so much more!  There is a universe inside each of us.  I believe as we tap into the universal harmonic fields, we will discover a portal within that can take us to the furthest reaches of the universe.  A worm hole if you will.  This portal will allow us to reach our wildest dream adventures, meeting even distant galaxies and the beings that dwell there.  The whales and the pigeons have taught us about how to travel using natural magnetic fields, and now the humble spider is showing us something new. 

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