Quantum Entanglement

Published June 26th, 2020 by Orangesunadmin

What is Quantum Entanglement?  As described by,  "In quantum physics, entangled particles remain connected so that actions performed on one affect the other, even when separated by great distances."  Einstein called this "spooky action at a distance".  So the awareness of this phenomenon has been around for quite some time in the last century or so.  Was it known before this?  Yes, although it was called by different names.  Ancient healers in India and other Indigenous people around the world have performed distant healing prayers that many thought were magic for millennia.  Today, you can find distant or remote healers all over the internet.  It is rather common.  Not many though discuss this in scientific terms.  That is all beginning to change as more and more are recognizing that this is a persistent and measurable reality that is even beginning to be seen as having practical applications.  The hope by many companies, including Google and IBM are that one day, we will have viable quantum computers that will be able to be the most secure and perform the fastest calculations in the world for life-like virtual worlds and more.  As we move from bits and bytes to quanta particles processing, we will move into an era of instant.  Einstein stated that nothing traveled faster than light.  This appears to be the fact within the perceivable universe of light and sound.  But is it possible that we all interact with a layer that is hidden from our sight and instruments?  Yes!  There is a layer where there are no time and space variables, where everything is connected now.  In the quantum dimension, things don't travel, they just happen!  This dimension is intertwined with the one mind of which we all share.  As this is what I've also been witnessing in my healing work.  I offer a service called the 24/7 Diamond Aura support service.  I realized one day, that if remote healing is real, I could do it too.  I used my empathy to feel into this, and I realized that a photo of a person was quantum entangled with their image!  I happily confirmed this realization as I lay minerals on the image (gemstones and diamonds) that "thought" of me, even when I was away from the photo of myself.  I became aware of the support I was receiving.  The gems are vibrating like everything in the universe.  What makes them special for healing is they vibrate at specific frequencies that we are assisted by.  Bringing us back to natural states of energy.  These natural states encourage our bodies to heal.  Anyone can use this concept to perform a healing on themselves, though it is wise to not rely on the senses alone.  The part of us that can perceive quantum phenomena can best judge how to uplift someone with these invisible energies.  A well trained psychic, intuitive, or empath can easily perceive these vibrations and determine what is uplifting and what is not.  As science continues to search to measure the most subtle forces in the universe by building more and more sensitive devices, we have right here on earth many who are already these sensitive instruments, we call them psychic.  Hopefully, soon, science and industry  will begin to recognize their worth and work side by side with the vetted ones to further along our planets health and well-being.  I encourage anyone to perform many psychic experiments while in silent meditation and creative work to prove these things to themselves, to share your findings, and improve your lives.  Today, let's enjoy this momentous occasion where science witnesses signals instantly appearing in satellites in space via the quantum realm!      

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