Psychic Self Defense

Published January 20th, 2019 by Orangesunadmin


I've learned that people or souls not only fight with each other physically but also in the invisible/inner/ or psychic worlds. Say you just talked with someone, it didn't go well. You leave to go home, and you may still be arguing with this person in your mind, or gossiping to someone about this person. You feel a sadness, a heaviness, and you just can't shake it, even though you want to move on. This is a psychic fight that is happening beyond the range of our eyes. But it can also happen in more subtle ways. Say someone is really curious about you, or attached to you. They make you feel bogged down. This is also psychic attack. Most of this is done unconsciously. No matter. I want to share a technique that has helped me immensely with this. Though I used my imagination to create the technique, I've found that it is just a way of seeing into the inner world. So here goes: Close your eyes and relax. Ask for a helper from God to assist, or an angel of God or who ever you feel has your highest good. Ask them to show you in your imagination where is the border of space around your energy field you agreed to have at this time on earth. Beyond that border is not your concern for now. When you see that, ask to be shown all psychic and love cords within that egg or sphere shape around your body. Now ask to please have all love cords hidden for safe keeping so you only see the psychic cords. Now try cutting the cords on the cocoon or sphere border in your imagination(inner vision) with whatever works, I usually find a gemstone knife, or precious metal like platinum works well. Make a chainsaw if you have to, keep experimenting. Once you have all the cords cut, look at the other end of them. If any are really buried into your body, ask for a tool to safely disintegrate them from your body. I use a tool that turns them to an ash, any cord inside my body is just discarded through any or all of my elimination channels. Now I ask to have a waterfall of sacred water pour into my cocoon and a hole to open in the bottom to earth, so my entire space is washed clean and sparkly. Then I ask to have hole sealed safely, and the waterfall to retreat for now. Finally I ask to have all the love cords restored. After I do this I almost always feel a great weight has been lifted. Even if you aren't having any social problems on earth, its a good idea to do this as maintenance occasionally just in case there are some attachments that are there. When you are free and clear, you can be strong to do the spiritual work you love and that you came here to do! Good luck, and feel free to contact me if you have questions. -Towards health and love.

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