The One Minute Meditation

Published February 27th, 2017 by OrangeSunLabs

I've been sharing with people about the 1 minute meditation.  Why one minute, because everyone has time for that!  We can then invite our invisible friends or masters of the highest good into our lives on a daily basis. What you do is just close your eyes and look a the "movie screen" behind your closed eyes. Then ask your guide or guardian angels to recommend guidance, wisdom, and anything that will lead you to your dream life. I almost see this as an emergency for people, because so many let there lives carry on with no awareness of guides. Some of these beings we have access to, are simply friends we know but don't remember that live on the other side of the veil. They just did not incarnate with us this round. We only have so much awareness resource and the bodies senses are limited, but we can use our inner senses during the one minute meditation to get inspired, refreshed, and enlightened.

When we close the eyes, some of that resource that goes towards processing life can now be re-purposed towards hearing the masters, our forgotten friends, or our own higher self's messages. Don't be too surprised when your invitation for guidance happens either quite swiftly or slowly, as the masters know best. Watch for interesting coincidences, and thoughts that sound like your own, but FEEL like someone incredibly wiser or possibly even humorous. If you wish, try and have a conversation with one of these beings. Regular efforts bring the results. The main reason it is so important to ask daily, is these angelic masters will not interfere unless you ask for assistance, it is a spiritual law. They will respect our wishes. Yet they are so willing and ready to help. The one minute meditation begins the rewarding and magical journey.

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