My favorite truly natural sweetener

Published May 22nd, 2018 by Orangesunadmin

Stevia originates from Paraguay in South America.  It is now found all over the world.  The most common forms of Stevia these days are white powders or clear liquids.  However, these are refined extracts, where the most sweet part of the plant is concentrated.  I don't feel these are the healthiest forms.  The healthiest form in my experience is the whole leaf syrup.  The plant is simply cooked into a brown liquid.  It does have a little more flavor than the white/clear products, though most people and children adapt to it easily.  Some say, it has a little bit of a licorice or chocolate taste.  I say it is subtle, and hardly noticed when added to your favorite foods.  Also, the whole plant has many vitamins and minerals that naturally support good health!

You can easily find the whole leaf syrup currently available on Amazon, although the lowest current price seems to be on Lucky Vitamin

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