How to find healing gemstones

Published August 17th, 2020 by Orangesunadmin

It was around the year 1990 when I first heard the term therapeutic gemstones.  I was learning about how shaping a gemstone into a sphere brought balance to its emanations naturally.  I learned how gemstone quality and purity was very important.  The gem must be untreated and of the highest quality.  Since those years long ago, I've come to know that one can use one's own heart as the divine measuring instrument it was intended to be.  If we are very still, a kind of Soul Stillness that can be attained in deep meditation, we can learn to feel the emanations from any object or living thing.  We can even do this by imagining a person or place or thing!  We all have extraordinary power just waiting be explored and used for our improved health and freedom.  I enter this deep stillness in a service I call Quantum Translation™.  We not only live in a physical world, we live in a spiritual or quantum world.  We can learn to enter the quantum world and gather knowledge and bring it back to earth.  Once we begin to obtain this skill we begin to see that not everyone can see what we can see, it's okay, each is on their own journey, and we all see things a little differently.  It's a big universe and there is so much to explore!  Back to the gemstones, by using our stillness and inner sensing, we can feel the speed, quality and nature of the vibrations of the stone we are either imagining or witnessing.  We can then see if it is uplifting us.  Many gems can be healing, but not all are meant for us all the time.  It is a bit like music, it is best if we listen to the music that uplifts us depending on our mood and state of consciousness.  There are many gem treatments in the world.  Most of the world only lives by the five senses, and they do not try to appeal to the soul and the higher nature which can lead us to many wondrous realities.  These people only care what pleases the eyes for instance.  They will pay a high price for something that looks pretty, unaware that its emanations may be uncomfortable, disturbing, and can even begin to create problems in his or her life.  They may naturally leave these stones aside eventually.  I have even come to believe that some marriages become very difficult because of the disturbing nature of the wedding rings!  So please be prudent and wise and make sure your gems fit you and are uplifting.  Some of the gem treatments in the world are oils, dyes, waxes, heating, coating, lab grown gems, and even radiation.  In order for a gem to radiate its natural emanations it must be free to radiate its own light and music with no obstructions whatsoever.  A great way to enjoy gem energies in their natural state of purity is through a gem elixir or gem spray.  We make a spray called Chi Repair® that is created with the highest purity and intention.  Another issue with gemstones is cleanliness.  If a gem is covered in human oils for instance, it begins to be covered and cannot radiate fully.  A gem can be easily cleaned with a natural liquid soap.  Another way to cleanse old energies is to alternate the gems under warm and cold water, just go back and forth a few times as hot as you can comfortably without coming close to burning your skin, and then back to cold.  Just 2-3 times back and forth like this will help your gems to release old energies.  As gems help you to heal they may also take on some of your residues and cleansing releases these putting your gems back into a position to give to you fully 100%.  Other ways of cleansing gems are laying on grass or a plant overnight, in moonlight, or even sunlight for 30 minutes or so.  We must use much shorter times with sunlight, as gemstones can get sunburns too.  UV can damage the surface of the gems if it is too intense.  We can recognize this sun damage by witnessing a gem that becomes faded.  So, set a timer and give your gems extra care in bright sun.  Chi Repair® can also be used to cleanse gemstones.  Gem sprays, like Chi Repair® are great because we do not need to be concerned with gem cleansing.  The gem energies are pristine in every mist.  A great way to treat your energy.  When you look at a gem, notice its shape, if is long and pointed, like a quartz point, that is a clue to how it's energy works.  The energy will shoot out like a laser beam!  This can be a very powerful tool for healing, but like all power, it can also be used to harm.  So, one must take extreme precaution when directing gem energy.  A sphere or rounded shape is always the most holistic and easy to work with.  It naturally brings balance and life force.  I suggest asking your Angels for guidance, they can always assist you with the most pertinent and up to date information for what you are exploring!  Avoid gem treatments, and trust your heart, and you will find your healing gemstones!  Feel free to reach out of you have any questions.  Here are a couple of companies that strive to supply natural untreated gemstones: and

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