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Silent Man Speaks

Published November 10th, 2012 by Devteam

Insights into the practice of silence.

Secrets of Silence:

(Please pause ocean sounds at bottom of this page to enjoy silent meditation)


Hi everyone,
Here I wanted to discuss silence. And why is my central focus silence on this website? It's a long story in how I got here. When I was around 20 years old, I camped in the Arizona desert, just off of the Colorado river. I stayed about 20 feet from the water in a cabin tent. Here was a reservation of the Chemeheuvi Indian tribe. I came to travel, to be in the sun, after a long ride on my motorcycle, and to meditate. I was, and still am studying the ancient science of soul travel. Taught through out the world. Now in modern times, is taught by a living master who is named Harold Klemp. He leads a teaching called Eckankar, or EK for short. In EK I learned from my own experience that I am really a viewpoint consisting of no matter at all, that I am timeless, can travel to other realms, meet with lost relatives, and find peace instead of fear over death. I was highly doubtful to begin with, being brought up as a catholic. Yet the orthodox teachings left me hungry for much more. EK filled this need. The thing I really liked about it, was they said, prove it for yourself. I have always been very independent. So I began experimenting, and still do to this day. There is so much to explore. After two months of being in the desert, I became extremely relaxed. I would watch the stars as I cooked my dinner on a camp stove, and would go to bed early and watch my breath and use my imagination which I learned is a spiritual gift from the creator. It was around this time, that I had many wonderful experiences that to me proved that I was not human forever, but that I was soul forever. I began to see that our society put a great deal of emphasis on words and thoughts. We are so much more, and capable of great things. I will add here that there are other teachings that teach some of these things, including the secrets of silence.

A few years later, I was reading the Carlos Castaneda books about the Toltec man, Don Juan. I learned from there, that if you stop the inner dialogue, you make the world "stop". I eventually succeeded with this a few times. All these experiences were leading me to the power of silence. Silence leads to the true self. Yet it is greater than just being quiet. This is a deep letting go of society for just a while, a soul vacation. To achieve this, you must tell all around you that you will not be accessible through words for a time. I suggest minimum 12 hours. Though if you can do it for a whole weekend it will have more impact. Not all time spent in silence may be productive. It will take some focus. You must listen to life and see what it is telling you. As I am now going to reveal one of the secrets of silence, you will become adept at a new language. The silent language. This is what we knew before language, before we learned to speak as children. It is not limited like words are and is a world of magic and freedom.

Many times when all is silent, I hear a subtle music in my ears. I believe this to be the music of the spheres. It is spoken of in EK, by the Australian Aboriginals, from Eastern Mystics, and elsewhere. I believe music is a real type of food for soul. In fact, I sometimes just sing to cure what might be ailing me and sometimes it disappears, but I always feel better. It's interesting to me how silence brings more music.


Hi all,
Today I would like to share some thoughts on silence I had written a while ago after some time with the practice:

"I AM - in silence right now! Today I realized that our thoughts are blocks as I am now thinking of them. They are limited in consciousness or vision. It is hard to explain as I am not a person or single identity when I get insights, particularly of a deeper nature. Here is one way I will try. Everything around us is energy but being more specific, all objects vibrate their own speed, as well as the air, particles from the sun, thoughts - everything. These are just symbols I am writing though, frozen images from our childhood. All the words we use learned so long ago. Over and over. Well wonder we fall asleep. The truth is this is a brand new and exciting world. Every turn can teach us about our self. If we practice silence all will eventually be revealed, that is, if we follow the energy of our self, it starts here. Imagine you are like a blob of energy with your own vibrational symphony. You are floating, through a sea of energy - your head keeps trying to freeze what you are experiencing but alas life keeps rolling. This energy touches us here and there sometimes very, very, quietly. Other times loudly like it does many times for me while I am in the shower. I have visions of knowledge. Things are clearer. I can solve problems. The energy flows! The more you become like energy the more you will know. You are becoming IT! Energy wants to love you, but we stand like times. Practice silence. Let energy teach you. Don't hold what your learn, just stay in contact with it. Learn how it communicates. The lesson goes on and on. The only way to experience it is like that Lipton tea commercial where that man holding a glass of iced tea falls back surrendering into the water of the swimming pool with trust. We are made out of the universe. It talks to us! Practice silence, obey what it teaches, and you will be given a little more. The key is to learn how to move from the common linear mind to the spontaneous quantum mind. There is no end to the wisdom and freedom you may attain!"

What is intentional silence? This is different than just being quiet or alone in nature. This is where if someone came to talk to you, you would be "on vacation". It means you would use other means to communicate besides our linear language. This takes you "off call". We all have been on call since we learned to speak as young children. After speech comes expectation. If someone calls you, you must answer legibly with linear language. What is linear language? This is when we choose a single line of thought from the infinite available to us. It is a conformity and works well for a society. The problem is, we lose something, we lose our inherent Quantum language. We all know how to process information in an entirely different manner. I've had a taste of this Quantum language many times. I can know things my mind can't hold onto, I can be aware of two things simultaneously, but can hang onto neither. I use it as I need it, as it's only accessible in the now moment, but it's much bigger than me. So, back to going off call for a while. I suggest practicing intentional silence in a social situation, or at least with your significant other. This provides great contrast to your silence. I suggest doing it at minimum ,at first, for an entire day. Then try a whole weekend or longer. Use a notepad or other device (I like the Boogie Board™ which allows you to erase and write over and over again) to communicate plus hand signals and other feelings or even noises, just no speech. What happens is, once we realize we really don't have to respond with the boxed responses, our attention which usually in our society resides in the head area, begins to rest in its throne in the heart or center of our chest. As this happens, we connect with the universe from a more universal position and have access to new information. I find great joy and discovery in this state.