Baking Soda Flush

Published May 22nd, 2018 by Orangesunadmin

Hi. I've been fascinated by PH for years, and have done many experiments. I've finally had a breakthrough with this magical stuff, baking soda. Its funny, I've been working with it more and more in my life around the home, and now its inside me working too. Baking Soda does many things, it helps to detoxify the body by absorbing toxic odors and poisons. It alkalizes the body. If taken first thing in the morning it will react with acids in the digestive tract, thereby creating carbon dioxide, causing expansion, and creating more regularity. It will make the skin and hair nice and soft and the eyes bright and clear. I'm finally receiving the benefits, but it wasn't until I learned a few very important things. First though I want to mention, it is not perfect, for one it is relatively high in sodium.  Though Alkalinity is good and in this kind of environment there is naturally more oxygen! Yet with the carbon dioxide production some of this benefit is nuetralized. Perhaps we'll make an even more perfected product with Baking Soda with future science. How did this all start?  Well, I was researching cancer therapies for a friend and I stumble across this man's site: ph kills cancer I was already familiar with this as I've long ago studied this Italian doctors site: Dr. Tullio Simoncini. I did experiment with taking Baking Soda long ago. I found my digestion always got messed up, and the benefits seemed random. I figured it may only work as a syringe as I had seen in videos the doctor applying it on tumors. Not that I have cancer, but I am always researching the connecting links between diseases, ultimate health and prevention. I did have an infection though I was trying to heal, and I realized after much trial and error that to beat a tenacious infection, you must not let up! Every time you let up, the infection just gets its foothold again. This is so important, you must not let the infection get strong again once you've started your treatment (this goes for cancer, candida, fungal infections, and more). The other thing I discovered is to take it only first thing in the morning. I've been taking 1/2 teaspoon. This has 500mg sodium but if you do it first thing, EVERYDAY (until you reach a new level of health that you are happy with). Then the baking soda acts like a flush and the sodium passes through fairly quickly. The other reason it is best to do this FIRST THING ONLY everyday is that baking soda neutralizes acid, and this is not what you want when you're digesting food, hence my problems in the beginning (NOTE: I'm sure many of you know baking soda is helpful for heartburn, which is actually too much stomach acid and its coming up and burning the esophagus in my understanding, yet thats a different kettle of fish, and it is helpful in moderation, but again be careful not to affect your food digestion. As undigested food improperly fermenting in your digestive tract will not advance your health). I learned from the first listed website link above, that if you add a bit of sweetener and warm it up in some water on the stove it goes down easier, and he is right! I've been using 4 drops of whole leaf stevia for now as the sweetener, but I'm still experimenting with this. I don't believe we can get very far with a treatment if we are gagging and uncomfortable with it. So that's it, do it every morning, don't let up, and then see what happens. For me I have very clear blue eyes, much more energy, softer skin (particularly around the torso, like a baby) softer hair, and even more sexual energy, which to me is simply our natural God given life force. People are seeing the difference in me and its great to have more life force flowing in my life. Now after saying all that, its important to work with your own very unique chemistry and rhythms. So adjust these ideas to your body. Ask the universe, quiet down and listen as your day goes by, and you will receive as much guidance as you are willing to receive. Note: I recommend Bob's Red Mill baking soda naturally mined. Arm and Hammer is very pure baking soda but its produced chemically through a conversion process from Ore.

Update: Important article for Sodium Bicarbonate or NaHOC3 which consists of sodium, hydrogen, and carbon: PH and Health

I've found a way to take a bit less baking soda, thus reducing my sodium intake further, while still retaining the benefits including alkalinity, better elimination, and more. I discovered if I use more water (1 quart) with just a 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, I still get a great flush. Its important that the baking soda doesn't just enter your body and sit. The idea is to expose your body to it, and then it passes through, carrying away acids, wastes, etc. and alkalizing. That is why it is best first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The extra water helps get things moving and it gets you rehydrated after sleep which is a wonderful thing.

To your peace, love, and ultimate health.

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