An attempt to share what its like to experience being in silence

Published May 13th, 2018 by Orangesunadmin

"I AM - in silence right now! Today I realized that our thoughts are blocks as I am now thinking of them. They are limited in consciousness or vision. It is hard to explain as I am not a person or single identity when I get insights, particularly of a deeper nature. Here is one way I will try. Everything around us is energy but being more specific, all objects vibrate their own speed, as well as the air, particles from the sun, thoughts - everything. These are just symbols I am writing though, frozen images from our childhood. All the words we use learned so long ago. Over and over. Well wonder we fall asleep. The truth is this is a brand new and exciting world. Every turn can teach us about our self. If we practice silence all will eventually be revealed, that is, if we follow the energy of our self, it starts here. Imagine you are like a blob of energy with your own vibrational symphony. You are floating, through a sea of energy - your head keeps trying to freeze what you are experiencing but alas life keeps rolling. This energy touches us here and there sometimes very, very, quietly. Other times loudly like it does many times for me while I am in the shower. I have visions of knowledge. Things are clearer. I can solve problems. The energy flows! The more you become like energy the more you will know. You are becoming IT! Energy wants to love you, but we stand like times. Practice silence. Let energy teach you. Don't hold what your learn, just stay in contact with it. Learn how it communicates. The lesson goes on and on. The only way to experience it is like that Lipton tea commercial where that man holding a glass of iced tea falls back surrendering into the water of the swimming pool with trust. We are made out of the universe. It talks to us! Practice silence, obey what it teaches, and you will be given a little more. The key is to learn how to move from the common linear mind to the spontaneous quantum mind. There is no end to the wisdom and freedom you may attain!"

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