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Russell Targ is a physicist who spent several decades working in a US government program exploring "remote viewing" - an apparently anomalous extended characteristic of the mind. Targ is convinced the effect is real. This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in Hollywood in 2013, but the organization pulled their support of the event when they learned about the subjects.

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Ai Giochi Addio by Natasha Marsh - A Time for Us (Screens by Josephine Wall)

Natasha Marsh is a Welsh operatic soprano. A highly-regarded performer in both opera and oratorio, her debut album, Amour, topped the classical album charts in 2007. "Ai Giochi Addio" is a love song written by Italian composer Nino Rota (1911 - 1979) in 1968.

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Silent Man Speaks

Insights into the practice of silence.

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