My Story

I was born in Portland Oregon. I grew up mostly along the Netarts Bay on the Oregon coast.

I was blessed to be surrounded by acres of wild timber, and the farmland my grandfather purchased, right outside my front door. I spent a lot of time communing with nature, and there was a sacred bond, that later I realized was an important part of my upbringing. 

Nature is a great teacher, and nature spirits and other guides were always there gently nudging me to deeper understanding. I loved to explore not only nature, but also creative ideas which have always flowed through me. I loved to do experiments, sometimes to my mother's dismay as I spent hours in the kitchen with different ingredients, exploring this and testing that. As well as in the garage working with tools and tinkering on the workbench. 

When I got out of a year of engineering school, I relaxed while thinking of various inventions (the primary reason I originally desired to attend the Oregon Institute of Technology). I dreamed up a way for recreational vehicles to easily carry a portable home for their loved pets on the go. It would be a suitcase that unfolded into a small dog or cat house. I was busily working on this along the Oregon Coast preparing to go to RV parks to interview travelers when I received a job offer in Portland Oregon working with therapeutic gemstones. I jumped on it, because I'd read their book about the woman's adventures in the dream worlds with spiritual masters that were in charge of being the caregivers of all the gems on Earth. The book was Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians. 

This amazing encounter would begin to shape my life in a new direction. I've always been psychically sensitive. It has not been an easy road. I had to put many puzzles together to make sense of it all. In my mid-twenties I began to have different health issues. I learned how people were more strongly associated by one color or another as also explained in the aforementioned book. I taught myself how to discover this color. I then went about testing peoples' colors for free for a while. I was about 90 percent successful with this, testing dozens of people. It was another turning point.

I realized to get all the answers I needed, I would ultimately need to rely on myself and my inner guides. Then the suffering worsened, my health issues became more severe. Through several enlightenment experiences I received throughout my twenties from my study of dreams and the dream-like nature that underlie physical reality (wild coincidences or synchronicity for one), I learned I could smile through it all. (I'd also experienced 2 weeks of amazing health breakthroughs around the age of 20 at a place called the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, this place helped me discover a "blueprint" to greatly help me base my health ideals) 

While an incredibly challenging period, I gratefully learned about the power of frequency, the power of intentional silence or Quantum Translation, and the benefit of asking for help from the "other side" as it's described on this website. I continued to deepen my knowledge of the power of colors. I discovered the image technique or "table top" technique which allows you to pull anything from your imagination and learn from it and how it crosses over with the physical world. These things built up in me until I knew I had to get it out into the world. I just had to do something with all this. As the light was growing inside me.

I began to do experiments in 2009 with various liquids and gemstones. What started off as a very gentle product that would mostly help me due to my sensitive nature, began to grow into something more universal, powerful, and loved by others. Now with 30 sprays, a super grounding device called Earth Disk, and more inventions on the way, I feel I have found my calling and purpose on Earth. I wish to raise the frequency of every human being who desires it. As ultimately I feel this is the straightest path to freedom on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Thanks for joining me and reading my story! May your path smooth out, may you fly by the stars as you sleep, may you know the true deep happiness of total health on all levels!

Namaste - The Spirit within me, salutes and honors the Spirit within you, 

Mark Charles Govers
Inventor, Healer, Teacher and Founder, Orange Sun Labs

'Sparkle like diamonds with CHI REPAIR®!'

Orange Sun Labs promotes and undertakes deep research into the art of silence which produces a steady stream of insights and new sciences to help realize human potential and longevity. We develop and share the tools that we discover through physical and spiritual methods for the present and future of all. Featuring CHI REPAIR® a powerful charging, clearing, and balancing tool. People are familiar with the fresh feeling after a shower, the energizing feeling of laying in the sun, or the restorative benefits of a great night's sleep. These are the ways the body naturally rebuilds its innate bio-magnetic/electric charge. These new sprays are an exciting uplifting sensation that is very real and helpful overcoming a diverse range of life's challenges. Lift your spirit to new heights! The purpose of this product is to conveniently raise your frequency and recharge your energetic field with its range of high frequencies and healthy charge, anywhere, anytime. Also, check out the new super resonating EARTH DISK™! It amplifies the effects of CHI REPAIR® and has its own benefits which come from super-grounding yourself electro-magnetically to the Earth. You can ground your energy field and clean it simultaneously with these two unique tools for amazing benefits! Most people do not want to get off of this device too quickly after enjoying a spray treatment! 

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Enjoy a photo of my favorite store that also helped me get my start in Portland Oregon  New Renaissance Bookshop

"You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination" 

-Roman Payne