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About Orange Sun Labs

We develop and share the tools that we discover through physical and spiritual methods for the present and future of all. Featuring CHI REPAIR® a powerful charging, clearing, and balancing tool. People are familiar with the fresh feeling after a shower, the energizing feeling of laying in the sun, or the restorative benefits of a great night's sleep. These are the ways the body naturally rebuilds its innate bio-magnetic/electric charge.  CHI REPAIR®, because your Aura is larger than life!

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What People Are Saying

  • Energizing and grounding - Will Return - Thank you for sharing!!

    Ashley M.

  • It was amazing! Thank you!

    Kristie W.

  • Thank you for the love!


  • Light sensation, makes you want to spin around and float up to the sky. Thank you!


  • Wind began blowing in my face, hair was moving, with no wind blowing."(She used Earth Disk™ plus Super Indigo Chi Repair®)


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